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Authorization and Git
All source code for the plugin is managed in a Git master repository. Currently this repository is hosted on GitHub, which is a great site that makes working with, and sharing, Git managed code so much better.
You can browse the master Git repo here:
Authorization @ GitHub
If you want to learn more about how you can use GitHub to create your own fork of the Authorization repository and use that as the base for your enhancements this excellent article provides a great start:
We request that all patches be fully tested prior to submission and we would like all code changes to be accompanied wherever possible by valid passing tests. You can test the application by downloading our most recent test repository from Git and running the tests as instructed in the README. Please submit a separate patch against the test repo to accompany any plugin change patches.
Instructions for using the test app are available:
We also welcome any patches that would integrate a plugin testing framework (RSpec) into the plugin itself so we could use the test app only for demo purposes and be able to run the suite of tests directly in the plugin code base.
Submitting Patches
The recommended way to submit patches is to initiate a pull request from a Git fork @ GitHub.
However, we will also accept patches submitted on the Authorization Google Group, or by email.