A Transmission (bittorrent) script to automatically setup download and upload speed limits depending on the number of network clients.
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This project contains a bash script for Transmission bittorrent client.

The script created will set the network limits according to the number of
clients in the network so is very useful for those headless transmission clients
running on a home-lan server. When the server is the only host in the network
the limits will be set to 0 (no-limit) and therefore the bittorrent client will
be transmiting as it max rates.

In the other hand, when any other host is using the network, the script will
detect it and will lower those limits in order to not overload the network.

Some Operative Systems have a FW enabled that blocks the scan ping if run
without root. Therefore, an execution of the script with root permissions is
recommended.  Add to /etc/sudoers the following line (changing user!)
user ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: /home/kets/Transmission-script/transmissionControl.sh

The script is suppossed to be run periodically, every few minutes (2-3) so it
should be combined with a schedule tool like cron. The following line is an
example of a valid crontab entry which will be executed every 2 minutes using
the sudo (without password command):
*/2 * * * * sudo /home/kets/Transmission-script/transmissionControl.sh > /dev/null 2>&1