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socialmedia uses Grunt based workflow. Use following guidelines to setup a workflow and contribute.



Fork the repository and change directory.

$ git clone
$ cd path/to/socialmedia

Create a new branch from master branch:

$ git checkout -b {YOUR_BRANCH_NAME}

Run following to install dev dependencies.

$ npm install

Run following to start the workflow and watch for changes:

$ grunt watch

Add test(s) to test/tests.js for potential changes Add/edit the files in src/ directory


Run and confirm test results with following methods:

Using Browser:

Simply open the test/index.html in a browser of your choice to see test results.

Using Terminal:

Run following to test in terminal:

$ cd path/to/socialmedia
$ mocha-phantomjs test/test.js

See tests pass or fail and action accordingly

Commit changes

Once happy with changes, build files as following:

$ grunt build

Once happy with changes, commit them as following:

$ git status
$ git add .
$ git commit -m '{YOUR_COMMIT_MESSAGE}'

Push changes git push origin {YOUR_BRANCH_NAME}

Create a new pull request

Wait for a review and your changes to be merged :+1:

Further reading & Example


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