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There are various ways to download/install socialmedia to use in a project.


If you fancy a straight forward download and use then head to our Releases page and download the latest or required version.

» Download the latest release (ZIP or tar.gz format)


If your workflow uses Bower then you can use following methods to add socialmedia to your workflow.

You can get information about all versions:

bower info socialmedia

Or get info about a specific version:

bower info socialmedia#1.7.5

You can install the latest version:

bower install socialmedia

Or install a specific version:

bower install socialmedia#1.7.5

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

socialmedia is also available from jsDelivr—an awesome open-source CDN. It also comes with SSL support by default. You can directly include the latest socialmedia such as:


Or include a specific version such as:


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