contains data and analysis scripts for manuscript submitted to Human Nature in 2016
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contains data and analysis scripts for open-access article:

Bunce, JA and R McElreath (2017) Interethnic Interaction, Strategic Bargaining Power, and the Dynamics of Cultural Norms: A Field Study in an Amazonian Population. Human Nature 28(4):434-456. available here

(link to original pre-print)

Manu_interviews_31oct16.csv: comma separated data used in paper

Interviews_IRT_9jan17.R: complete code for fitting each of the models and generating the figures in the paper and appendix (running this can take several hours)

If you just want to generate the figures you can use the following:

Fig2_9jan17.R: calculates response raw proportions and makes Fig 2 (runs fast)

Fig3_B1_C1_9jan17.R: fits IRT model m1 and makes Fig 3 and appendix Figs B1 and C1 (runs in a few minutes)

Fig4_B2_B3_9jan17.R: fits IRT model m19 and makes Fig 4 and appendix Figs B2 and B3 (runs in a few minutes)

TableB1_9jan17.R: fits all 19 IRT models and constructs appendix Table B1 (this can take several hours)