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+ Support for Ubuntu 16.04
+ Allow to specify number of cpus of the virtual machines
+ Show test type in console output
+ Added anste-snapshot tool
+ Add -jump-to option similar to -reuse but starting directly from
the specified test
+ Increase SOAP::Lite max msg size to 32MB
+ Added support for cpp directives like #include in suite.yaml files
+ Support added for screenshots on failure to sikuli type of tests
+ Add reuse-only option to tests to be executed only with -reuse flag
+ Add execute-always option to tests to be executed also with critical fails
+ Default port for web tests can now be specified in anste.conf
+ New -abort-on-fail option to stop suite execution when first suite fails
+ Ensure that hosts are defined in the scenario before running a suite
+ Allow to specify shell commands directly in YAML test description
+ Use libguestfs-tools instead of qemu-nbd to mount qcow2 images
+ Take screenshot at the end of webdriver tests
+ Test report is now properly generated after re-running tests
+ Suite description is now parsed again when re-running a test
+ Allow to define number of tries of a test before it passes
+ Do not warn about running machines with -reuse
+ Adding browser global option for webdriver tests
+ Now cloud-init is configured to preserve the sources list
+ Now variables are also provided to the setup scripts
+ Now _deployCopy returns whether the deployment was okay or not
+ Now if the setup script fails, an exception is thrown
+ Added imageNeedsUpdate and markImageUpdated methods to the virtualizers
+ Added global/identifier config key
+ Make anste-clean command work with any virtualizer
+ Added listVMs method to the virtualizers
+ Added identifier and conf command line arguments
+ Make bridge definition mandatory when using manual-bridging
+ Now the interface, the gateway and the first address from the config
are passed to the tests and the suites as COMM_iface, COMM_gateway
and COMM_firstAddress
+ Added master configuration key to set the IP of the master
+ Added finalConfigurations method to ANSTE::Image::Commands
+ Added ANSTE::Virtualizer::OpenStack with partial support
+ Added useOpenStack and setUseOpenStack to Anste::Status
+ Added virtualizerStatus and setVirtualizerStatus to Anste::Status
+ Added auto-snapshot for -break and -step modes
+ Show current test index and total tests
+ Now symlinks are dereferenced when tranfering the files to the slaves
+ Added deploy/auto-update config key to enable/disable the auto-update
of base images before the deploy of scenarios
+ Added pre-update and post-update sections in the base image definitions
+ Added updateimg command that allow the update of base images
+ Added 'sikuli' test type to run sikuli tests in Windows machines
+ Use binmode in the file handler for the put command
+ Use IP set to eth0 in the scenario if any
+ Added script to generate the bundle for the windows slaves
+ Allow anste-master to run multiple scripts in the same host
+ New -vars option to override test vars with values in YAML file
+ Allow to substitute test variables with global values using $
+ Tests marked as setup or critical are not executed with -reuse
+ Added -nodestroy option to keep scenario running after finishing
+ Setup scripts now fail when any of the commands fail
+ Added support for global variables in test suites
+ Add support for trusty to properly bring up network interfaces
+ Fix input read when asking for a character
+ Added ANSTE::Util::readChar method that reads a character and ignores
the remaining characters in the line
+ Check for duplicated tests on a suite
+ Exit code is now != 0 if any test has failed
+ Print timestamps with each line in verbose mode
+ Fixed default path for chromedriver binary
+ Now config and cli vars are passed to the tests with the GLOBAL_ prefix
+ Added anste-init command to create the directory structure of a project
+ Added python-anste wrapper for python-selenium
+ Remove old Selenium 1.0 support
+ Remove deprecated Xen stuff
+ Remove support for deprecated XML format
+ Proper use of upstart instead of /etc/init.d for networking and dhcp
+ Use File::Slurp instead of Perl6::Slurp
+ Run tests in /var/tmp/anste-tests with a wrapper
+ Show test log on failures when verbose mode is enabled
+ Made VMs from host with raw base images permanent
+ Skip some actions in the deploy for hosts with raw base images
+ Added support for image removal using the image name
+ Added 'baseImage-type' attribute to hosts
+ Now test suites refer directly to test scripts instead of dirs
+ Added getimg command line option to trigger the download of an image
+ Renamed command line option from create to createimg
+ Added image-repo conf key to set the place where to download images from
+ Change auto-create-images conf key for image-missing-action, that allows
auto-create and auto-download as values
+ Use TryCatch instead of Error
+ Now copied directories in files section maintain structure as they are
transferred as tar files and unpacked on the destination VM
+ Add option to the post-tests so they are executed always
+ Add skip option to the step by step execution
+ Stop before each test on step by step execution
+ Ignore critical attribute if running with -wait-fail
+ Run web tests with English locale to make them language independendant
+ Depend on qemu-kvm instead of kvm
+ Adding host name to the test output in the cli
+ Added support for proxy and security-mirror in vmbuilder
+ Allow to specify if the host of a web test is an external_host
+ Show output when setup scripts fail
+ Use qcow2 images instead of raw to support snapshots
+ Allow to define relative_url of a web test
+ Set options from [global] conf as commandline variables if not specified
+ Fixed check of running machines when system language is not English
+ Clean network from previous scenario when deploying a new one
+ clean option removed from the anste executable, use anste-clean instead
+ nat-iface and nameserver are now automatically detected
+ Environment variables named ANSTE_* are passed to setup scripts
+ Current scenario can be now shut down without specifying the name again
+ Check for unrecognized running VMs in anste-clean and added --force
option to allow destroying them
+ New instance() method for System and Virtualizer abstract classes
+ Fixed error in the reboot type of test with the JunitWriter
+ Removed deprecated anste-manager and anste-job tools, use of a CI tool
like Jenkins instead is recommended
+ Moved src/lib/ANSTE to src/ANSTE and data outside of src
+ Changing the cache type of the disk to one that gives faster results
+ Bridges are now named anstebr instead of virbr to avoid conflicts
+ Do not destroy scenario when a critical test fails using -wait-fail
+ files in images can be directories whose content is put in the image
target directory
+ Fix install instructions using new repository
+ Added duration of each executed tests in JUnit report
+ Stop properly the execution or creation if an error is found in the
custom pre/post installation scripts
+ Do not assign IP address to internal network bridges
+ Use VirtIO for network cards instead of e1000 in libvirt configuration
+ Use VirtIO instead of emulated IDE disks in libvirt configuration
+ Install packages always non-interactive and do not install recommends
+ Autoconnect with anste-connect if there is only one deployed host
+ Adding support to post tests scripts defined in the images
+ Added partial support for images definition in YAML
+ Unhardcode the nameserver used in the setup of the hosts
+ Passwordless and direct root login with anste-connect
+ Changing the kernel flavour from virtual to generic to allow
nested virtualization
+ Change default images path to /var/tmp/anste-images
+ Fixed support for files in the scenarios defined in yaml
+ Changed the script that configured a host to be a dhcp-router
+ Allowing empty variables in the scenarios tests
+ Adding support to set the mirror from the image xml definition
+ Moving the mirror option to a new section
+ Deleted suppot for Xen and moved the mirror option to global section
+ Allow to specify architecture of base images
+ Added support for 64bit machines
+ Added in the config file the nameserver used in the setup script
+ Added support to the message directive in xml output report
+ Fixed support in yaml for the hw-addr directive that was broken
+ Fixed support in yaml for the bridges and manual-bridging directives
+ Properly write /etc/resolv.conf file in the setup script
+ Added retries to the mount image section when deploying an scenario
+ Fixed wrong error handling when base image does not exist
+ Added localdomain hostnames to /etc/hosts
+ Description attribute in tests is now optional
+ suites.list files can now contain comments and blank lines
+ anste-clean no longer kills itself
+ Improved behavior of test retry/continue prompt
+ New anste-connect tool to easily SSH into deployed hosts
+ Avoid negative MAC address error
+ More logs when verbosity is on: test commands and threads wait
+ Bugfix: dist value in anste.conf is no longer ignored
+ Using readline when running stopping during tests and treat better
the given input
+ New anste-clean command to destroy all network and machines
+ Copy additional files for web tests to allow use of packages in scripts
+ Added support for multiple formatters when writing test results
+ Allow to specify scenarios and tests in YAML in addition to XML
+ New 'web' test type similar to 'host' but receiving BASE_URL
as environment variable, useful for selenium scripts
+ New 'host' type value allows to run tests in the host machine
+ Shutdown scenario if SIGTERM is received
+ Print selenium command for debug purposes in verbose mode
+ Lock virtual machine creation to avoid KVM concurrency problems
+ Added critical attribute to tests to make the entire suite fail
+ Delete qcow2 images after convert to raw
+ JUnit format compatible with jenkins (use name instead of classname)
+ Support for Ubuntu 11.10 as host system
+ Allow to change name of the communication interface (default: anste0)
+ Added support for lucid's ubuntu-vm-builder
+ Autodetect network range in dhcp router configuration
+ Set random network in pppoe router configuration
+ Set domain name servers in dhcp server configuration
+ Use netcat instead of hping for connectivity diagnosis
+ Added new router types with dhcp and pppoe
+ Added user-extensions and single-window settings for Selenium
+ Now -wait-fail option gives the opportunity of retry a test
+ Added new protocol and firefox-profile settings for Selenium
+ Added precondition attributes (var and eq) to <host> test elements
+ Added <precondition> element to include <test> and <host> only if
condition is satisfied
+ Bugfix: use flock for allowing only one instance of anste
+ Added name of the user that executed ANSTE on the HTML report
+ Bugfix: missing HTML report generation time
+ Added scripts executed to the test results
+ Added -break commandline option for setting breakpoints
+ Added suite validation
+ Added warning about running machines