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Slim FTPd Server running in Python
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SlimPy FTPd Server

This is a tiny FTPd server working with easy and simple script.

How to use

To run a SlimPyFTP is easy, just edit a vars and set the port, banner, user and password to login. Remember, the home directory stay a working dir script

###Configuration ftpUser = 'slimpyftp' - set a ftp user ftpPassword = 'slimpyftp' - set a ftp password ftpBanner = 'Slim PyFTP Server' - set a ftp banner ftpPort = 2121 - listen ftp port ftpPassiveMin = 60000 - listem passive min port ftpPassiveMax = 65535 - listen passive max port ftpMaxConcurrentConnections = 256 - number of max concurrent connections ftpMaxConnectionsIP = 10 - number of max connections from ip


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by @jaccon

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