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@@ -109,15 +109,15 @@ Leiningen documentation is organized as a number of guides:
## Plugins
Leiningen supports plugins which may contain both new tasks and hooks
-that modify behaivour of existing tasks. See
+that modify behaviour of existing tasks. See
[the plugins wiki page](
for a full list. If a plugin is needed for successful test or build
runs, (such as `lein-tar`) then it should be added to `:plugins` in
project.clj, but if it's for your own convenience (such as
`swank-clojure`) then it should be added to the `:plugins` list in the
-`:user` profile from `~/.lein/profiles.clj`. See the
+`:user` profile in `~/.lein/profiles.clj`. See the
[profiles guide](
-for details on how to add to your user profile. The
+for details on how to add to your `:user` profile. The
[plugin guide](
explains how to write plugins.

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