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Ring is a Clojure web applications library inspired by Python's WSGI and Ruby's Rack. By abstracting the details of HTTP into a simple, unified API, Ring allows web applications to be constructed of modular components that can be shared among a variety of applications, web servers, and web frameworks.

The SPEC file at the root of this distribution provides a complete description of the Ring interface.


  • ring-core - essential functions for handling parameters, cookies and more
  • ring-devel - functions for developing and debugging Ring applications
  • ring-servlet - construct Java servlets from Ring handlers
  • ring-jetty-adapter - a Ring adapter that uses the Jetty webserver


To include one of the above libraries, for example ring-core, add the following to your :dependencies:

[ring/ring-core "1.1.8"]

To include all of them:

[ring "1.1.8"]




This project borrows heavily from Ruby's Rack and Python's WSGI; thanks to those communities for their work.


Copyright (c) 2009-2013 Mark McGranaghan and released under an MIT license.

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