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DroneDeploy server-client data export application

Exports data from DroneDeploy to Melown cloud service.

The whole repository works while deployed at http://dd-export.azurewebsites.net/ Microsoft Azure Python IaS infrastructure.

NOTE: This app is just proof of concept and is not intended to be used in production environment.


There are two components: client, to be deployed as DroneDeploy javascript app as described in https://dronedeploy.gitbooks.io/dronedeploy-apps/content/ and server, which is deployed on Microsoft Azure.


Go to client folder and check the README.md file. It's inteded to be used as DronDeploy client application as described https://dronedeploy.gitbooks.io/dronedeploy-apps/content/ - check the video tutorial.


Python, Flask-based simple application, which is triggerd as server hook as described https://dronedeploy.gitbooks.io/dronedeploy-apps/content/exporter.html#orthomosaic-export after data are ready to be exported. The server app then loads the exported GeoTIFF to Melown Cloud automagically.

Login to Melown cloud

oAuth is used as described in https://github.com/Melown/mario-cloud-api/blob/master/docs/authorization.md

NOTE: Currently the redirect to http://localhost/drondeploy is used. There should be already running service at http://dd-export.azurewebsites.net/auth, see also our server code.


  1. User loggs in to the DroneDeploy app.
  2. User goes to desired dataset and map
  3. If our app is available, automatically new Melown oAuth window is opened and user can log in as described https://github.com/Melown/mario-cloud-api/blob/master/docs/authorization.md
  4. After login, user can click the Export button, the rest happens behind the scenes
  5. DroneDeploy prepares the data to export, when done, mail is send and also our server hook is pinged
  6. Our server hook downloads the data from DroneDeploy, creates new dataset on Melown and uploads exported data. as described https://github.com/Melown/mario-cloud-api/blob/master/docs/dataset-upload.md
  7. The credentials are part of the server-hook URL as described https://dronedeploy.gitbooks.io/dronedeploy-apps/content/exporter.html#orthomosaic-export