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A fast demo and starting point for Apigee Developer Portals for Drupal
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Apigee Devportal Kickstart

Apigee Developer Kickstart is a Drupal distribution to quickly try out or get started using Drupal to create an Apigee developer portal.

This project is a Drupal installation profile which needs to be added to Drupal core and installed using Composer. The installation instructions below use the Apigee Devportal Kickstart composer project to install Drupal core and this installation profile to create a site.

Module status

The core functionality of this module is in active development. The features and functionality will evolve as the project grows.

We encourage you to download and evaluate the module, and to use our GitHub issue queue to give feedback, ask questions, or log issues.

Backlog items

  • Kickstart theme & content: Starting content with the look and feel of a branded developer portal
  • API Documentation: API documentation rendered from OpenAPI specifications
  • Apigee Edge configuration: The ability to configure the site to an Apigee organization during installation
  • Blog and Forums: Demonstration of a blog and forum on the developer portal to communicate with developers



The following command will download Drupal core and the Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart profile into the MY_PROJECT directory:

composer create-project apigee/devportal-kickstart-project:8.x-dev MY_PROJECT --stability dev --no-interaction

The actual web root will be MY_PROJECT/web. You will need to point your web server to serve up that directory and run the installer like any Drupal site installation.

If you want to quickly evaluate the system you can alternatively run the composer quick-start script to run the Drupal 8 quick start command:

composer quick-start

This will start Drupal using PHP's built in web server and a SQLite database.

Issues, questions and feedback

We encourage anyone with feedback, questions or issues to put in an issue into our Github issue queue.


We'd love to accept your patches and contributions to this project. Make sure to read for details. Development is happening in our GitHub repository. The issue queue is disabled, we use the Github issue queue instead.


This is not an officially supported Google product.

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