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A colour palette for the land down under
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colRoz - A wildlife colour palette from the land down under


Themed colour packages are all the rage. So Nicholas asked Jacinta to make him a colour package. These palettes are based on the colours of Australia which we can all agree is the most beautiful country in the world. If a kiwi can be convinced, then it must be so.


See the colRoz website for the full list of palettes.


These are palettes based on the colours of matchstick grasshoppers in the genus Warramaba. You can read more about matchstick grasshoppers on Jacinta's website.


These are palettes based on some of Australia's favourite native scalys.


These are palettes based on iconic Australian landscapes.

Community contributors: Jordan Iles, Nicholas Wu


These are palettes based on some of Australias colourful native avians.

Community contributors: Jessica McLachlan, Brenton von Takach


To be added


To be added


These are palettes based on some of Australias underrated native flora.

Community contributors: Emma Dalziell, Sarah Mulhall


These are palettes based on some of Australia's tiny beauties.

Community contributors: Craig White, Kate Umbers


These are palettes based on some of Australia's wet & wild.

Community contributors: Brenton von Takach


They have fur and produce milk.


Got a palette idea? Submit a pull request on GitHub with your palette or set of palettes as a list like:

palette <- list(
pal1 = rbind(c(<hex codes>), c(<order of discrete colours>))

Palettes are stored in the R file oz_palettes.R. You can add individual palettes to the respective theme or make your own theme. Our palettes are about 6 hex codes long but they can be any number you want. Alternatively get in touch via email or the issues tab on GitHub. We may not have time to choose colours for a given theme but if you already decided on the colour scheme, it's easy to copy and paste the hex codes into the relevant line and you get credit, of course.


See for latest updates

Install package

There are binary releases if you'd prefer but for the development version:

devtools::install_github("jacintak/colRoz",  build_vignettes = TRUE)



# See all palettes

# Usage in a graph

pal <- colRoz_pal(name = "ngadju", n = 3, type = "discrete")

ggplot(iris, aes(Petal.Width, Petal.Length , colour=Species)) +
geom_point() +
scale_colour_manual(values = pal) +

# To visualise the palette

Example palettes with the real thing

Warramaba ngadju

Tawny dragon (Ctenophorus decresii)

Blue Mountains water skink (Eulamprus leuraensis)


Jacinta Kong designed the Warramaba palette and adapted the code from the following packages:

Nicholas Wu designed the other palettes and the logo.

Contact J. Kong:

Contact N. Wu:


Photo credits

  • Warramaba: Barry Kearney, Jacinta Kong
  • Lizards: Jannico Kelk, Ross McGibbon, Peter Soltys, Nicholas Wu, Steven Zozaya, Jacinta Kong
  • Landscapes: Nicholas Wu, Jacinta Kong, Jordan Iles
  • Birds: Jessica McLachlan, Brenton von Takach, Jacinta Kong
  • Plants: Emma Dalziell, Sarah Mulhall
  • Inverts: Jacinta Kong, Craig White, Kate Umbers
  • Fish: Brenton von Takach
  • Mammals: Jacinta Kong
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