A small game I am making to try out gamebox
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Gribbles is a game about furry round creatures called gribbles. Gribbles have many amusing properties:

  • If you throw a gribble, it will bounce.

  • If you feed a young gribble, it will grow somewhat, until it becomes mature.

  • If you feed a mature gribble, it will spawn offspring similar to itself, but possibly with some random mutations to its genetic traits (such as color, size, and number of offspring).

  • If you put two mature gribbles in the Test-Tube-O-Luv™ Splicing Machine, it will create a single offspring that randomly combines genetic traits from the parents.

  • If you put a gribble in the NarSysUs™ Cloning Pod, it will create a single offspring that is genetically identical to the parent.

  • If you put a gribble in the eZFreez™ Cryostasis Chamber, it will be frozen in time and protected from all harm.

If for any reason you need/desire to cull the gribble population, there are several completely painless¹ population control solutions available:

  • If you poke a gribble with a pin, it will pop like a balloon.

  • If you set a gribble on fire, it will explode spectacularly. Nearby gribbles caught in the blast may catch fire and explode too.

  • If you inject a gribble with Hungree-Hypo™ appetite stimulant, the gribble will be filled with an insatiable hunger, and eat anything nearby (including other gribbles) until it becomes twice its normal mature size, at which point it will pop.

¹ To ensure painlessness, wear protective gloves and eyewear at all times.