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@jacius jacius Added and updated documentation for stuff coming in 0.6. Dec 9, 2012 eb774c4
@jacius jacius Added descriptions for %has-method?, %method, %resolve-method, %set-method!, and %unset-method! Nov 26, 2012 25f890f
@jacius jacius Added descriptions for %has-prop?, %prop, %resolve-prop, %set-prop!, and %unset-prop! Nov 26, 2012 a7845c8
@jacius jacius Some corrections and style changes. Nov 24, 2012 c095c8b
@jacius jacius Converted Getting Started page to Markdown. Nov 24, 2012 228394f
@jacius jacius You can now install with 'chicken-install protolk'. Nov 24, 2012 d124043
@jacius jacius Introduction and some descriptions. Nov 23, 2012 e0caa0f
@jacius jacius The pob? procedure will be in the normal API soon. Nov 23, 2012 32684f8
@jacius jacius Link to Primitive API Nov 23, 2012 49b318d
@jacius jacius Introduction and structure of Advanced Customization. Nov 23, 2012 220c289
@jacius jacius Created Primitive API (markdown) Nov 23, 2012 3d81e28
@jacius jacius Change "rectangle" example into "point", like in API. Fixed typo and slight inaccuracy about _method-missing. Nov 23, 2012 59b771a
@jacius jacius Updated Home (org => markdown) Nov 23, 2012 21b448b
@jacius jacius Updated Guides (org => markdown) Nov 23, 2012 a64044f
@jacius jacius Added descriptions for derive, ancestors, has-ancestor?, and responds-to?. Nov 23, 2012 973bb8e
@jacius jacius Added descriptions for "Internal Methods": _display, _receive, and _method-missing. Nov 23, 2012 1fe7478
@jacius jacius Added descriptions for super?, super, super*, and apply-super. Nov 22, 2012 d14fa75
@jacius jacius Added descriptions for define-method, define-private-method, make-method, and make-private-method. Nov 22, 2012 5039b5d
@jacius jacius More readable formatting. Nov 22, 2012 32b2a70
@jacius jacius Added details for prop-reader, prop-writer, own-prop, and set-own-prop! Nov 22, 2012 759435c
@jacius jacius Added details for make-pob and send. Nov 21, 2012 446a974
@jacius jacius Converted API to Markdown. Nov 21, 2012 8c9c5d1
@jacius jacius Updated API (org) Nov 20, 2012 57c0ee8
@jacius jacius Updated API (org) Nov 20, 2012 c33c355
@jacius jacius Added the signatures of the non-advanced API. Still need to add descriptions and details. Nov 20, 2012 1877187
@jacius jacius Created Advanced Customization (org) Nov 20, 2012 7872d1a
@jacius jacius First draft of Getting Started. Nov 20, 2012 dfaded7
@jacius jacius Updated Home (org) Nov 19, 2012 32b0187
@jacius jacius Updated Home (org) Nov 19, 2012 61b9efb
@jacius jacius Updated Home (markdown => org) Nov 18, 2012 76389e1
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