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Ruby-SDL-FFI 0.4

  • Fixed the display window not gaining focus on Mac OS X 10.6. Thanks to Bart Leusink for fixing this.

  • Added SDL::SaveBMP and SDL::LoadBMP methods. These were convenience macros defined in the SDL headers. They have been reimplemented as Ruby methods by Bart Leusink.

Ruby-SDL-FFI 0.3

  • Ruby-SDL-FFI can now work on Mac OS X without the need for a special interpreter (i.e. rsdl). If this causes issues for you, you can disable it by setting the RUBYSDLFFI_NOCOCOA environment variable to “true”.

  • Added the SDL::set_app_name() method. This sets the application name in a platform-appropriate way, or does nothing if the platform is not supported. On Mac OS X, it changes the text in the menu bar. Support for other platforms may be added in the future.

  • Ruby-SDL-FFI now reads the RUBYSDLFFI_PATH environment variable for additional library load paths. It should be a colon-separated (Linux/Mac) or semicolon-separated (Windows) list of directories to search for libraries.

  • The SDL::Palette class is now Enumerable. You can iterate over it with #each, #collect, etc. You can also read a specific index using #at (but not #[], which is reserved for struct access).

  • SDL.GL_GetAttribute() now returns an integer, like it should. Before, it would return an FFI::Buffer.

  • SDL.GetKeyRepeat() is now easier to use. It returns an Array of two integers: [delay, interval]. Before, you had to pass two output buffers, then extract the integers afterwards.

  • Fixed a NoMethodError in SDL.WaitEvent().

  • Ruby-SDL-FFI now uses FFI::Buffer instead of FFI::MemoryPointer in many places. This should give a slight performance boost on JRuby, and potentially other platforms.

Ruby-SDL-FFI 0.2

  • The values of SDL::AUDIO_U16SYS and SDL::AUDIO_S16SYS are now correct on both big-endian and little-endian systems.

  • SDL::Gfx::arcRGBA is now considered optional (as it should have been in version 0.1). Loading will continue even if it is not available, such as when using older versions of SDL_gfx.

  • The minimum supported version of SDL_gfx is now 2.0.13. It was 2.0.17 before.

  • SDL::Gfx::rotozoomSurfaceXY and SDL::Gfx::rotozoomSurfaceSizeXY are no longer considered optional, because they are available in all supported versions of SDL_gfx (2.0.13 and higher).

Ruby-SDL-FFI 0.1

  • Initial release of Ruby-SDL-FFI. Bindings are provided for these libraries (older versions may work, but haven't been tested):

    • SDL >= 1.2.13

    • SDL_gfx >= 2.0.17

    • SDL_image >= 1.2.7

    • SDL_mixer >= 1.2.8

    • SDL_ttf >= 2.0.9