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# See for details about how filter rules are defined.
# Star all messages from Joe Schmoe.
from:joe.schmoe@: star
# Sharing actions between two rules. This is YAML syntax for &anchors
# and *references. Messages on either ruby-talk or ruby-core mailing
# lists will have the label "ruby" applied, and be archived (removed
# from inbox).
list:ruby-talk@ruby-lang: &ruby [L:ruby, -inbox]
list:ruby-core@ruby-lang: *ruby
# Example using multiple conditions. All must match (i.e. AND, not OR).
# Delete messages sent to ruby-talk with "unsubscribe" in the subject.
# This is the peculiar syntax for using an array as a key in YAML.
- list:ruby-talk@ruby-lang
- subj:unsubscribe
: delete
# Apply the label "list" to messages from *any* mailing list.
list:.+: L:list
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