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Pixel perfect script for create the html pages.
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Ru version ####Pixel perfect script for easy create the html pages from PSD layout.#### See all info here.

##If site not work here the git version of info.##

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

1 Сopy the code and then put in tags '<head>' or before '</body>' in your site.
2 Load your 'pp-bg.jpg'/png in any domain folder. Example: '/images/'
3 Select that folder name and extension in dialog. Example: '/wp-content/themes/any/images/' - .jpg
If you dont see dialog window - press: Shift + E.


  • Alt + Q switch show/hide.
  • Alt + W switch transparency.
  • Alt + E + transparency.
  • lt + D - transparency.

More shortcuts:

  • Drag'n'Drop Click, hold and move.
  • Shift + Q Default position.
  • Shift + W/A/S/D Sensitive position preference.
  • Shift + E Toggle dialog.
  • Alt + C Switch 'Hover mode'.

More layouts:

  • Alt + 1-9 Upload your images and name pp-bg1.jpg, pp-bg9.jpg... Now you can switch them.
  • Alt + X Show default image - pp-bg.jpg/png.
  • Alt + Z For toggle overflow.


If you have pp-bg.jpg you must use pp-bg1.jpg (same extension). You cant use .png if your default image is pp-bg.jpg.
You can type url of image, but if it not named 'pp-bg' you cant use layouts.
Script use cookie, so if you reload page you will see all settings have been saved.
Hover mode - when you use inspect mode script will hide the image while you are working with elements.
If you see cropped image press: Alt + Z
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