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⚠️ All branches starting with unfinished-cogs/ come with limited support and might not fully work.
If you use any "unfinished" cog, message me on Discord to get info about breaking changes that may affect you.


Sponsor on GitHub Build Status Code style: black Red cogs License: Apache-2.0 PRs Welcome

Cogs created by jack1142 (Jackenmen#6607 on Discord) for Red-DiscordBot. Red-DiscordBot is a multipurpose bot for Discord developed by Twentysix26 and the Core Developer team. Feel free to create issues, if you want to see some function in one of my cogs. If you see a bug in one of my cogs, do that as well ;)

If you're developer, you can also send pull requests and I will happily merge your commits, if it doesn't conflict with anything developed before.

Also I suggest to join Red - Cog Support server and if you will ever need help with any of my cogs, just mention me (@Jackenmen#6607) on #support_othercogs channel.

Cogs in this repo

  • autogist - Auto-upload files with configured extension sent by users to
  • banmessage - Send message on ban in a chosen channel. Supports images!
  • categoryhelp - Command for getting help for category that ignores case-sensitivity.
  • emojiinfo - Get information about emojis and see how to use them in your code.
  • linkwarner - Remove messages containing links and warn users for it.
  • mee6rank - Get detailed information about your Mee6 rank.
  • membercount - Get count of all members + humans and bots separately.
  • modroles - Allow moderators without manage roles permission to assign configured roles to users.
  • nitrorole - Welcome new nitro boosters and/or give them a special role!
  • qupyter - Run IPython kernel within Red and connect to it with Jupyter Console. This is a development tool.
  • rlstats - Get your Rocket League stats with a single command! Needs access to Rocket League API which is currently in closed beta.
  • rssnotifier - Get role and/or user mentions about feed updates. This cog requires RSS cog from aikaterna-cogs repo to work.
  • shell - Run shell commands on bot's system from Discord.
  • voicetools - Various tools to make voice channels better!


These are cogs for Red-DiscordBot V3. You need to have a working instance of Red V3 in order to install these cogs.

[p] is your prefix.

  • Make sure Downloader is loaded:
    [p]load downloader

  • Add the repo to your bot:
    [p]repo add JackCogs

  • Install the cogs you want:
    [p]cog install JackCogs <cog_name>

  • Load installed cogs:
    [p]load <cog_name>


Twentysix26 and everyone else who has contributed to Red Bot.

Redjumpman and PaddoInWonderlands, for this neat readme file template :D


Please see LICENSE file for details. In short, this project is open source and you are free to modify and use my work as long as you credit me.

This project bundles fonts from Roboto family which is distributed on Apache License 2.0

This project bundles fonts from Animo family which is distributed under the Apache License 2.0.

This project bundles fonts from DejaVu family which is distributed under a Free license.

This project bundles fonts from Poppins family which is distributed under the Open Font License.

This project bundles screenshot done by reddit user CastleintheMist.

This project bundles Steam, Playstation and Xbox logos from Ionicons icon set which is released under the MIT License.

This project bundles Nintendo Switch logo from Remix Icon icon set which is released under the Apache License 2.0.

All brand icons are trademarks of their respective owners. The use of these trademarks does not indicate endorsement of the trademark holder by me, nor vice versa.

Jakub Kuczys  ·  GitHub @jack1142