A Java Davex client for sniffing the protocol
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A Java Davex client for sniffing the protocol

The HTTP protocol Jackrabbit is using in spi2davex (for communicating
between client and server) was documented, but is quite outdated in 
the meantime. The docs can be found here:

Therefore the best way to see, what jackrabbit is actually doing is 
using a client (in java) which uses the davex layer and sniff that 
(with eg. wireshark or Charles Proxy)

Now you can write your JCR operations you want to implement in 
src/Client.java and then see what happens


* adjust Client.java (for the connection parameters and your operations) in src/
* Point to your jackrabbit-standalone-*.jar in buildandrun.sh
* then run buildandrun.sh
* and watch the traffic

davold BRANCH

If you want to see, what it does without using the Batch/Diff stuff, use the "davold"
branch. Currently Jackalope doesn't do the diff stuff, so that may be more useful.


in the examples/ directory there are some examples, copy them to src/Client.java 
and recompile