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To run the tests, you need phpunit 3.6 or newer including the phpunit/DbUnit feature.

The provided phpunit.xml template is built on the assumption that you cloned the jackalope repository and ran composer update in its root folder to get the development dependencies as well.

There are two kind of tests. The folder vendor/phpcr/phpcr-api-tests contains the phpcr-api-tests suite to test against the specification. This is what you want to look at when using jackalope as a PHPCR implementation.

Unit tests for the jackalope doctrine-dbal backend implememtation are in tests/Jackalope/Transport/DoctrineDBAL. There are also some unit tests for base jackalope in vendor/jackalope/jackalope/tests.

API test suite

The phpunit.xml.dist is configured to run all tests from jackalope-doctrine-dbal, jackalope core, phpcr-utils as well as the phpcr-api-tests. You can limit the tests to run by specifying the path to those tests to phpunit.

Note that the phpcr-api-tests are skipped for features not implemented in jackalope. Have a look at the tests/inc/DoctrineDBALImplementationLoader.php file to see which features are currently skipped.

You should only see success or skipped tests, no failures or errors.


Careful: You should create a separate database for the tests, as the whole database is dropped each time you run a test.

You can use your favorite GUI frontend or just do something like this:


$ mysqladmin -u root -p  create phpcr_tests
$ echo "grant all privileges on phpcr_tests.* to 'jackalope'@'localhost' identified by '1234test'; flush privileges;" | mysql -u root -p


$ psql -c "CREATE ROLE jackalope WITH ENCRYPTED PASSWORD '1234test' NOINHERIT LOGIN;" -U postgres
$ psql -c "CREATE DATABASE phpcr_tests WITH OWNER = jackalope;" -U postgres

Test fixtures for functional tests are written in the JCR System XML format. The converted fixtures are not tracked in the repository, and get regenerated on each testrun.

Running the tests

Make sure you set your php memory limit high enough so the tests can successfully be executed (minimum 512M).

To run the tests, execute:

$ cd /path/to/jackalope-doctrine-dbal
# cp phpunit.xml.dist phpunit.xml
# adjust phpunit.xml as necessary
$ phpunit

Installing phpunit as project dependency

If you haven't installed phpunit globally and you want to keep it as a dependency of the jackalope doctrine-dbal project, add the following dependencies to your


"require-dev": {
    "phpunit/phpunit": "dev-master",
    "phpunit/dbunit": "dev-master"

You can then run the tests as follows: