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MongoDB transport implementation for Jackalope

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A powerful implementation of the PHPCR API.

Jackalope binding for MongoDB. Still under heavy development. Not yet production ready!

Discuss on or visit #jackalope on

License: This code is licenced under the apache license. Please see the file LICENSE in this folder.


  • php >= 5.3
  • phpunit >= 3.6 (if you want to run the tests)
  • composer


If you do not yet have composer, install it like this

curl -s | sudo php -- --install-dir=/usr/local/bin

To install jackalope itselves, run the following in the parent directory of where you want jackalope

git clone git://
cd jackalope-mongodb
php /usr/local/bin/composer.phar install --dev

Note that the --dev parameter is only needed if you want to be able to run the test suite. If you already installed jackalope without the test suite, you need to remove composer.lock before running composer again with the --dev parameter.

phpunit Tests

If you want to run the tests , please see the README file in the tests folder and check if you told composer to install the suggested dependencies (see Installation)


Jackalope relies on autoloading. Namespaces and folders are compliant with PSR-0. You should use the autoload file generated by composer: vendor/.composer/autoload.php

If you want to integrate jackalope into other PSR-0 compliant code and use your own classloader, find the mapping in vendor/.composer/autoload_namespaces.php

Before you can use jackalope with a database, you need to set up the database.

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