Running a jackrabbit server

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NOTE: For a production system, see Running-jackrabbit-in-tomcat-with-mysql

Developer Installation

Make sure you have a Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer. If not, you can grab one from here:

Download the latest 2.4.X – version of Jackrabbit from the Jackrabbit Downloads page

Then, in the folder where you downloaded the .jar file, just launch it

java -jar jackrabbit-standalone-*.jar

By default the server is listening on the 8080 port, you can change this by specifying the port on the command line.

java -jar jackrabbit-standalone-*.jar --port 8888

For unix systems, you can get the start-stop script for /etc/init.d from Jackrabbit-startup-script

Populating sample content

Jackrabbit provides a web interface running on http://localhost:8080 (change the port with your own if needed). In the “default workspace” part on the left you’ll find a “Populate” link. You can go there and populate your workspace with some sample contents. Note that this content will not be usable with the Symfony Cmf.

Here you go! You have a working JCR backend on your computer.

Browsing content

In the “default workspace” part you’ll find a “Browse” link. Just put any username and password combination and the server will let you browse the content.

Browsing content with the phpcrbrowser

There’s a PHP application called phpcrbrowser, which allows you to browse your jackrabbit repository within a browser a little bit more convenient than the method provided by Jackrabbit. Get it at

It’s written in Liip’s “old” framework Okapi, but uses Jackalope as the transport layer.

Archived: Patched Jackrabbit

For a while, we provided our own compiles of jackrabbit with some patches we needed for davex to properly work. As of 2.3.6, all those patches have been merged into the official release. The old custom jackrabbits can still be downloaded here:

See for details about which patches are in there.

For a setup to run jackrabbit with tomcat and mysql see

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