a very simple java application (command line tool) to import or export a repository from jackrabbit
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A small application to export the system view of a jackrabbit repository and
to import xml into a repository.

It is part of the jackalope project, an effort to bring JCR to PHP. See http://liip.to/jackalope

(c) David Buchmann, Liip AG, 2009
This application is licenced under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Use it like this:

    # export system view
    java -jar jack.jar export targetfile.xml <parameters>

    # export document view
    java -jar jack.jar exportdocument targetfile.xml <parameters>

    # format the resulting xml (its all on 1 line by default)
    xmllint --format targetfile.xml > data-formatted.xml

    # import xml data, system/document is autodetected
    java -jar jack.jar import sourcefile.xml <parameters>

Set the parameter repository-base-xpath to the name of the node under root node
you want to export, otherwise you will get a huge jcr:system node with meta
data you probably don't need.

Default configuration is in src/jcr.properties

You can overwrite all options on the command line. Just add name=value
(without a - or --) at the end of the command.

Available options are the connection options: username, password, transport,
storage (backend url), and repository-base-xpath to specify nodes under which
path to export resp. to which node to import.

If you use 'local' as transport, the default configuration assumes that
jackrabbit is located at ../jackrabbit/jackrabbit-standalone/


Uses ant, see the build.xml file for details.
We expect jackrabbit to be located in folder ../jackrabbit/jackrabbit-standalone/
If this is not the case, adapt your build.xml accordingly