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JACK example tools

This repository holds the official JACK example clients and tools, which have been tracked in the example-clients and tools repositories in the past.


The project requires the following dependencies:

  • alsa-lib (required when building alsa_in and alsa_out or ZALSA internal clients)
  • jack1 >= 0.126.0, jack2 >= 1.9.20, or pipewire-jack >= 0.3.44 (other versions may work but are not supported)
  • opus (optional buildtime/ runtime dependency for jack_netsource)
  • readline (optional buildtime/ runtime dependency for jack_transport)
  • libsamplerate (required when building alsa_in and alsa_out or jack_netsource)
  • libsndfile (required when building jack_rec)
  • libzita-alsa-pcmi (required when building ZALSA internal clients)
  • libzita-resampler (required when building ZALSA internal clients)

For all available options please refer to meson_options.txt or run meson configure in the project directory.


jack-example-tools uses the meson build system.

To configure the project, meson's universal options (e.g. --prefix) can be used to prepare a build directory:

meson --prefix=/usr build

To build the applications and libraries ninja is required:

ninja -C build


Meson is able to install the project components to the system directories (when run as root), while honoring the DESTDIR environment variable:

DESTDIR="/some/other/location" meson install -C build


Releases of jack-example-tools are created by its current maintainer Filipe Coelho (62B11043D2F6EB6672D93103CDBAA37ABC74FBA0).

To verify a tag, first import the relevant PGP key:

gpg --auto-key-locate wkd,keyserver --search-keys

Afterwards a tag can be verified from a clone of this repository:

git verify-tag <tag>


All files (unless noted otherwise) are licensed under the terms of the GPL-2.0-or-later (see LICENSE).

The code in tools/zalsa is provided via Fons Adriansen's zita-ajbridge and licensed under the terms of the GPL-3.0-or-later (see tools/zalsa/LICENSE).