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Releases: jackaudio/jack2-releases


15 Apr 19:20
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  • Add shell mode to jack_control (executes commands from stdin until EOF)
  • The waf autooption --example-tools introduced in 1.9.20 is now off by default,
    To get the previous behavior back pass --example-tools during build.
    This flag (and the related tools and their code) are going to be removed in the next release.
  • Fix alignas() on non-packed architectures
  • Fix build of jack-example-tools man pages (1.9.20 regression)
  • Fix compatibility with macOS 12
  • Fix missing symbols from jack client library (error and info callback pointers)
  • Fix potential memory corruption in midi_latency_test tool
  • Fix JackWeakAPI on Windows
  • Use predefined variables in pkg-config file (required for mingw)

External changes, related to macOS/Windows installer:

  • Fix application style in QJackCtl (qwindowsvistastyle.dll was missing)
  • Update QjackCtl used in macOS/Windows installers to 0.9.7


15 Jan 15:19
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  • Add waf autooption --example-tools to allow optional build of executables, libraries and man pages provided by jack-example-tools (the files are built by default).
    Building and installing the additional files can be disabled by using --example-tools=no or --no-example-tools.
  • Fix 32-bit support in ALSA driver
  • Fix incomplete ASIO support on Windows
  • Fix metadata usage with multiple users
  • Fix netsource tool missing on Windows
  • Fix semaphore usage on macOS
  • Official FreeBSD support

External changes, related to macOS/Windows installer:

  • Update Qt5 used in macOS/Windows installers to 5.12.12
  • Update QjackCtl used in macOS/Windows installers to 0.9.6


15 Jul 08:20
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  • Add jack_position_t::tick_double, and flags around it
  • Add zalsa "-w" argument to wait for soundcard to be available
  • Bump internal protocol version to 9 (due to struct alignment)
  • Fix alignment of fields for atomic accesses
  • Fix build for platforms needing __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS
  • Fix compilation of documentation

External changes, related to macOS/Windows installer:

  • Fix macOS microphone permissions on qjackctl macOS app bundle
  • Update qjackctl to 0.9.4


14 Apr 18:39
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  • Add zalsa_in/out as internal client (based on zita-a2j/j2a and jack1 code)
  • Fix jack_midi_dump deadlock on close after the jack server is restarted
  • Fix interrupt signal for linux futex waits
  • Fix usage of meta-data in official macOS builds (private DB errors)
  • Log error message when cleaning previous DB (macOS and Windows)


15 Jan 15:46
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  • Fix jack_control stopping after first command iteration
  • Fix library compat/current version under macOS
  • Fix return codes of jackd on success
  • Ignore DB_VERSION_MISMATCH error on windows, it is expected
  • Remove old workaround for asio4all, as it breaks with jack-router

External changes, related to macOS/Windows installer:

  • Add jack-router to Windows installer, opt-in
  • Fix registry keys for Windows, add 32bit compat ones on 64bit
  • Support for arm64 macOS builds
  • Show welcome and license pages on windows installer
  • Update QjackCtl used in macOS/Windows installers to v0.9.0, with some commits cherry-picked from develop branch


16 Oct 19:17
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  • Fix/revert a change in how meta-data definitions were exposed (regression in 1.9.15)
  • Remove jack-router Windows code from the repository


15 Oct 13:42
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  • Automated builds for macOS and Windows (see jackaudio/jack2-releases repository)
  • Adapt wscript Windows build configuration to match old v1.9.11 installer
  • Bump maximum default number of clients and ports (now 256 clients and 2048 ports)
  • Delete various macOS and Windows-related files from the source code (no longer relevant)
  • Mark JACK-Session as deprecated, please use NSM instead
  • Remove unnecessary GPL include from LGPL code
  • Split example-clients and tools, as done in JACK1 many years ago (WIP)
  • Write Windows registry key during installation, so 3rd parties can find jackd.exe (as HKLM\Software\JACK\Location)
  • jack_control: Fix handling of dbus bytes
  • jack_control: Return a proper exit status on DBus exception
  • jack_property: Fix possible crash with "-l" argument usage
  • jack_wait: Add client name option -n/--name
  • Fix compilation of documentation
  • Fix compilation of mixed mode with meta-data enabled
  • Fix compilation with mingw
  • Fix client-side crash if initial meta-data DB setup fails
  • Fix macOS semaphore usage, so it works again
  • Several fixes for Windows (with contributions from Kjetil S. Matheussen)
  • Several minor fixes and grammar corrections (with contributions from Adam Miartus and Timo Wischer)