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Source code for the homepage

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To report bugs and issues with JACK, please use the corresponding JACK 1 and JACK 2 bug trackers.

You can currently contribute to the homepage by checking the page for dead/wrong links and formatting mistakes and file bugreports about them.

If you feel comfortable fixing issues yourself, please file a pull request.

If you want to help out on the style part, you are more than welcome to clone the repo and start hacking but please communicate about your vision, so there won't be any drama.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact the authors via jack-devel mailinglist or on Github.

Test with Jekyll locally

In order to test the website without having a webserver running and also see the changes in real time use the script to run Jekyll locally from the repository directory.

It requires ruby to be installed, the rest will be installed locally in a .bundle directory.

The current Gemfile configuration is set to use the same Jekyll version as GitHub pages.

The website will be available at http://localhost:4000/.

If using another webserver you'll need to point it to the built _site directory.

Adding FAQ pages

  1. Create a new *.md file in the FAQ directory
  2. Insert a YAML front-matter header as in the other files in the FAQ directory, they are required for Jekyll to process the file
  3. Add your content in markdown format
  4. Link to your new FAQ page in the /faq/ page

Creating posts

The easy way is by running the following command from the repository root:

$ ./ "New post title" author_name

Otherwise manually by creating a new .md file in the _posts directory, paying attention for a correct filename using a mask and YAML front-matter (see other post files as reference).

Development notes

  • All page links currently require the .html suffix in order to work with any webserver, not to depend solely on Jekyll.
  • Please use an EditorConfig compatible editor to avoid indentation, whitespaces and missing lines at EOF issues.
  • Desired line length maximum is 82 columns.
  • See above to how to test page's changes with Jekyll.
  • For further information please refer to the Jekyll manual.
  • Use external hosting links for the download section like GitHub releases, no download files in the repository for a better maintenance.


  • A dedicated news/releases section? E.g. a secondary blog, custom _posts like directory.
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