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This page represents installation layout on a Linux system.


This includes:

  • jackd - classic JACK launcher executable
  • jackdbus - D-Bus JACK service (installed if D-Bus integration is built)
  • examples clients
  • tools

They are installed in <PREFIX>/bin/


libjack and libjackserver are installed in <PREFIX>/lib/

libtool-like install is made with .la files and symbolic links, like this: --> -->


jack drivers are installed into <PREFIX>/lib/jack/

in-process clients

in-process clients are installed into <PREFIX>/lib/jack/

D-Bus service file

If jackdbus is being installed, D-Bus service is installed too. This file instructs D-Bus session bus how to activate JACK controller object upon request.

By default org.jackaudio.service file is installed in <PREFIX>/share/dbus-1/services/

However user may force using real D-Bus service directory by specifying --enable-pkg-config-dbus-service-dir

<PREFIX>/share/dbus-1/services/ will differ from one specified in pkg-config file of D-Bus when they are installed in different prefixes. If service file is installed in different prefix, D-Bus session bus daemon should be instructed to search in different directory (out of scope of JACK installation process, as implemented in distribution tarball).


They are installed in JACK specific header directory, <PREFIX>/include/jack/


jack.pc is installed in <PREFIX>/lib/pkgconfig/

User documentation

Man pages are installed in <PREFIX>/share/man/man1/

Development documentation

HTML documentation is installed in JACK specific directory <PREFIX>/share/jack-audio-connection-kit Index is of the HTML documentation is within <PREFIX>/share/jack-audio-connection-kit/reference/html/

Some unusual things related to installation relocatability:

  • in-process clients and drivers are loaded from fixed path (<PREFIX>/lib/jack/), specified literally during build. Drivers load directory may be overridden using JACK_DRIVER_DIR environment variable. ATM there is no way to override in-process client directory.
  • D-Bus session bus daemon configuration may need modification to be able to auto-activate JACK controller service.
  • jack.pc file contains <PREFIX>