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This pages summarizes "changes" in JACK client API between version 1 and 2

"not public" means that symbol is available in library but not declared in public header

Symbols present in jack1 but missing in jack2

  • B _jack_get_microseconds- not public
  • D jack_builtin_NULL_functions- not public
  • D jack_builtin_audio_functions- not public
  • D jack_builtin_midi_functions- not public
  • D jack_builtin_port_types- not public
  • D jack_tmpdir- not public
  • T cleanup_mlock- not public
  • T default_jack_error_callback- not public
  • T default_jack_info_callback- not public
  • T jack_attach_port_segment- not public
  • T jack_attach_shm- not public
  • T jack_call_sync_client- not public
  • T jack_call_timebase_master- not public
  • T jack_cleanup_shm- not public
  • T jack_client_alloc- not public
  • T jack_client_alloc_internal- not public
  • T jack_client_deliver_request- not public
  • T jack_client_handle_port_connection- not public
  • T jack_client_invalidate_port_buffers- not public
  • T jack_clock_source_name- not public
  • T jack_default_server_name- not public
  • T jack_destroy_shm- not public
  • T jack_dump_timestamps- public in <jack/timestamps.h>
  • T jack_generate_unique_id- not public
  • T jack_get_free_shm_info- not public
  • T jack_get_mhz- not public
  • T jack_get_microseconds_from_cycles- not public
  • T jack_get_microseconds_from_system- not public
  • T jack_get_port_functions- not public
  • T jack_get_process_done_fd- not public
  • T jack_hpet_init- not public
  • T jack_init_time- not public
  • T jack_init_timestamps- public in <jack/timestamps.h>
  • T jack_initialize_shm- not public
  • T jack_messagebuffer_add- not public
  • T jack_messagebuffer_exit- not public
  • T jack_messagebuffer_init- not public
  • T jack_pool_alloc- not public
  • T jack_pool_release- not public
  • T jack_port_by_id_int- not public
  • T jack_port_by_name_int- not public
  • T jack_port_name_equals- not public
  • T jack_port_new- not public
  • T jack_register_server- not public
  • T jack_release_shm- not public
  • T jack_release_shm_info- not public
  • T jack_reset_timestamps- public in <jack/timestamps.h>
  • T jack_resize_shm- not public
  • T jack_server_dir- not public
  • T jack_set_clock_source- not public
  • T jack_shmalloc- not public
  • T jack_start_freewheel- not public
  • T jack_stop_freewheel- not public
  • T jack_timestamp- public in <jack/timestamps.h>
  • T jack_transport_copy_position- not public
  • T jack_unregister_server- not public
  • T jack_user_dir- not public
  • T silent_jack_error_callback- not public
  • T start_server- not public

Symbols present in jack2 but missing in jack1

  • Lot of mangled C++ names- not public
  • T jack_client_kill_thread- new API function, appeared in r2548
  • T jack_client_stop_thread- new API function, appeared in r2548
  • T jack_get_client_pid- new API function, appeared in r2299
  • T jack_get_version- new API function, appered in trunk in r2339, appeared in control branch in r2060
  • T jack_get_version_string- new API function, appered in trunk in r2339, appeared in control branch in r2060
  • T jack_log- not public
  • T jack_port_type_id- new API function, appered in trunk in r2339, appeared in control branch in r2051
  • T jack_tls_allocate_key(unsigned int*)- not public
  • T jack_tls_free_key(unsigned int)- not public
  • T jack_tls_get(unsigned int)- not public
  • T jack_tls_set(unsigned int, void*)- not public
  • T set_threaded_log_function- not public

Script to create above overview

nm -CDg 1/usr/lib/libjack.so | grep -v ' U '|sed 's/^[0-9a-f]* //'|sort> jack1.syms
nm -CDg 2/usr/lib/libjack.so | grep -v ' U '|sed 's/^[0-9a-f]* //'|sort> jack2.syms
diff -u jack1.syms jack2.syms > jack12.diff
grep '^-[A-Z]' jack12.diff | sed 's/^-//'
grep '^+[A-Z]' jack12.diff | sed 's/^+//'|grep -v ::
for i in `grep '^+[A-Z]' jack12.diff | grep -v :: | sed 's/^+. \([^ (]*\).*/\1/'` ; do echo "searching for $i ..." ; find 2 -type f -exec grep -Hn $i {} \; ; done|grep -v 'Binary file'
for i in `grep '^-[A-Z]' jack12.diff  | sed 's/^-. //'` ; do echo "searching for $i ..." ; find 1 -type f -exec grep -Hn $i {} \; ; done|grep -v 'Binary file'