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[jack-devel] Mailing List Archive

This repository can be accessed at

It contains an archive of mails as plain text and HTML files.

The contents are rendered "best-effort", there is no guarantee that the archive is complete or error-free.

To link to a specific mail (eg. from issues):,/index.html

Or using plain text:,/plain.txt

(Browser must have set Text Encoding to 'Unicode' in order to display the text correctly)

To link to a mail in the entire index:,a

To subscribe to jack-devel mailing list, registere here:

Official jack-devel Mailing List Archive (starts from 2015, only for list members):

Alternative Archive at 'Jackit':

The list archive is a resource with many valuable (development) information. It can also help to better understand the history of the JACK project(s). While the jack-devel mailing list is still fully operable, filing issues on the github repository is the preferred way to handle bugs and error reports.

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