A Nagios plugin to check temperaturs with lm_sensors
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A small Nagios plugin that checks the CPU (or M/B) temperature with lm-sensors.
It's written in Bash and uses *nix "sensors" and some sed & awk.
Default is to check the CPU temperature but this can be changed to, for example, 
the motherboard temperature with a "--sensor" argument. 
The plugin complies with the guidelines, for example uses -w -c -v arguments 
etc. It also does some basic sanity checks and has a exit 3 catch-all.

The plugin was submitted to Nagios Exchange in 2011.

Known forks of check_temp:
There is a very good Perl fork of check_temp written by Chad Columbus. It's
available on Nagios Exchange at

1) Install lm-sensors:
  a) On Debian/Ubuntu... apt-get install lm-sensors
  b) On OpenSUSE etc... zypper in sensors

2) Run sensors-detect:
  sudo sensors-detect

Let it check for any sensors that you feel are necessary, or all. You can just
press <ENTER> to have it use the default option for each check. There is a
warning in the manpages (man sensors-detect) that there are (some rare)
hardware sensors that may lock up or even be permanently damaged, so be aware
of that.

MAKE SURE YOU TYPE "YES" TO THE LAST OPTION: "Do you want to add these lines automatically to /etc/modules? (yes/NO)"
3) Restart module-init-tools service (On Debian/Ubuntu)
  a) /etc/init.d/module-init-tools restart
  b) service module-init-tools restart