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Verilog, C, and board layouts to interface Cirrus Logic audio ADCs

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Verilog and C to interface Cirrus Logic audio ADCs
Jack Carrozzo <>

    +---------+       +--------------+       +----------+
--> |L        |       |              |       |          |
    |    adc  | <===> |  cyclone ii  | <===> |  ft245r  | --> USB 
--> |R        |       |              |       |          |
    +---------+       +--------------+       +----------+

Current devices:            

- CS5361: balanced two channel 192khz 24 bit (working)
- CS5340: unbalanced two channel 192khz 24 bit (testing)

Work in progress:

- Allow ADCs, bit depth, and clock rates to be configured at runtime via USB 
- Implement support for any number of ADCs
- Add interface for CS
- Single board design (replace pile of protoboards)
- ADAT output stream and PHY support

Manifest - see each dir's README for specific details

- boards/         - Eagle layouts for various things
- fpga/src/       - Verilog files
- fpga/src/tests/ - Test benches and the sim devices they use
- fpga/proj/      - Quartus project files, including pin config and Makefile
- host/						- C utils to control and test things

At this point, all the code is quite bare-bones, in that only the specific 
configuration of the device we use is handled (especially the ft245r). Do not
assume that any modules handle all possible configs or exceptions.

- Simulation: 

		cd fpga/src/tests 
		make && make show # uses iVerilog and GTKWave

- Build: 

		cd fpga/proj
		vim cs_adcs.qsf   			# edit the pin config to match your setup
		make prog								# make sure your JTAG cable is configured before this
		screen /dev/ttyUSBn			# select your ft245r here 


Verilog, C, and board layouts to interface Cirrus Logic audio ADCs






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