A JSON file reading and writing utility.
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A JSON file reading and writing utility.

To get started, create a new instance of DirtyDB.

const instance = new DirtyDB("path/to/db.json");

Let's say the JSON file looked something like this:

    "languages": [
    "best": "JavaScript"

Reading from a database

Now, you can read from the JSON file.

let data = instance.read(); // the entirety of the JSON data will be returned.

Alternatively, you can read only a certain datum by passing its key as a parameter to the read function, like so:

let data = instance.read("languages"); // this will return an array containing ["CoffeeScript", "TypeScript", "JavaScript"]
let data = instance.read("best"); // this will return a string containing "JavaScript"

Writing to a database

You can write to a database with the write function.

let customData = instance.read();
instance.write(customData); // the JSON file is modified to include "Dart" in the "languages" array.

Data manipulation


The forEach method takes a function as a single parameter. That function is then called with the following arguments:

instance.forEach(function(value, key, db) {});