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Majorca Build Status

This project should not be used for anything important. Use Node.js's built-in crypto module instead.

Majorca is a simple utility to encrypt and decrypt strings with a basic symmetric-key algorithm.

Encrypted strings are compressed using a LZ77 based compression algorithm in base62.

Majorca only compresses strings when necessary; if an encrypted string is shorter than its compressed equivalent, it's not compressed.


To encrypt a string, create a new instance of Majorca:

let Majorca = require("majorca");
let key = 13 // a (large) prime number.
let instance = new Majorca(key);
instance.encrypt("test"); // returns "n1508?1313?1495?1508"
instance.decrypt("n1508?1313?1495?1508"); // returns "test"

This project has also been ported to Python here.