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The ActiveRecord acts_as_commentable plugin
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Acts As Commentable

Provides a single Comment model that can be attached to any model(s) within your app. It creates a Comment model and handles the plumbing between that model and any models that you declare to be commentable models.

Installation :

Add the following line to your Gemfile

Rails 4

gem 'acts_as_commentable'

Rails 3

gem 'acts_as_commentable', '3.0.1'

Rails 2

gem 'acts_as_commentable', git: '', branch: '2.x'


Rails 3+

rails g comment

Rails 2

script/generate comment

Then migrate your database to add the comments model:

rake db:migrate


Make the desired ActiveRecord model act as commentable:

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base

Add a comment to a model instance by adding the following to the controller:

commentable = Post.create
comment = commentable.comments.create
comment.title = "First comment."
comment.comment = "This is the first comment."

Fetch comments for the commentable model by adding the following to the view:

commentable = Post.find(1)
comments = commentable.comments.recent.limit(10).all

You can also add different types of comments to a model:

class Todo < ActiveRecord::Base
  acts_as_commentable :public, :private

Note: This feature is only available from version 4.0 and above

To fetch the different types of comments for this model:

public_comments = Todo.find(1).public_comments
private_comments = Todo.find(1).private_comments

By default, `acts_as_commentable` will assume you are using a `Comment` model. To change this, or change any other join options, pass in an options hash:

class Todo < ActiveRecord::Base
  acts_as_commentable class_name: 'MyComment'

This also works in conjunction with comment types:

class Todo < ActiveRecord::Base
  acts_as_commentable :public, :private, { class_name: 'MyComment' }


Xelipe - This plugin is heavily influenced by Acts As Taggable.


Jack Dempsey, Chris Eppstein, Jim Ray, Matthew Van Horn, Ole Riesenberg, ZhangJinzhu, maddox, monocle, mrzor, Michael Bensoussan


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