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  • github - if private, then create private repo [thx @CraigCottingham]


  • postgresql - supported on eycloud (Currently PostgreSQL 9.1)
  • eycloud - can boot clusters, in addition to solos
  • mysql - always generates sample.rake
  • bin/scrolls is short-form of bin/appscrolls
  • puma & thin - moved into zzz archive until Puma is released on EY Cloud; or another supporting platform added
  • spork - moved into zzz archive as part of simplification


  • twitter_bootstrap - includes rails_basics
  • eycloud - only using ey_cli (engineyard gem has net-ssh conflict with chef gem)
  • Display scrolls that will be used - explicitly requested (green) and implicitly included (yellow)
  • eycloud - only unicorn and passenger initially supported
  • eycloud - don't check for available app name - this should be implemented in ey_cli


PUBLIC RELEASE! http://drnicwilliams.com/2012/04/10/instant-new-rails-applications-with-the-app-scrolls/

  • delayed_job - always get admin dashboard
  • mysql - always create local databases


  • resque - Use "resque_admin_secret" instead of hardcoded string


New name! "App Scrolls"

  • split - AB testing promoed in RailsCasts
  • spork - clean running of tests
  • resque - always includes admin dashboard


  • cucumber - creates databases before running installer


  • Replace ZenTest with Guard
  • Add 'rake list:categories' task


  • Force rails ~> 3.2.2 as a dependency


  • twitter_bootstrap - automatically includes simple_form; includes flash msg
  • github - asks for a new repo name if cannot create a repository
  • rails_basics - default flash message
  • jquery & prototype - former is already default in Rails 3.1+ now


  • guard - guard support for all supported scrolls
  • postgresql
  • All untested scrolls moved into scrolls/zzz


  • twitter_bootstrap - based on public RailsCast
  • eycloud - now using ey_cli to create/boot environments


  • SCROLLS ARE IN, "recipes" are out. Wizards use scrolls. Alchemists use recipes.
  • Scrolls have no dependencies on eycloud or eycloud_recipes_on_deploy; these are optional
  • github - GitHub repository creation
  • resque + delayed_job can install their admin consoles
  • sidekiq - high performance, low cost alternative to resque or delayed_job


  • Engine Yard support - Resque
  • Removed a bunch of recipes that didn't see useful/common


  • Resque recipe works a treat.

Try this on EY Cloud! appscrolls new demomysql -r sqlite3 mysql resque rails_basics git


Merged lots of branches/forks


  • Cleaned up many recipes
  • Added :website attribute to recipes
  • Convert all recipes to use supported categories