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Rails 3 HAML Scaffold Generator

Essentially just a copy of the Rails 3 ERB generator with HAML replacements for the templates.

Original idea from Paul Barry's article on custom genrators


  1. Generate your new rails application:

     rails ApplicationName
     cd ApplicationName
  2. Edit "Gemfile" and add "gem haml" to the gem list

  3. Either

     gem install haml


     bundle install
  4. Run

     haml --rails .
  5. Edit config/application.rb and add the following:

     config.generators do |g|
         g.template_engine :haml
  6. Either

     git clone git:// lib/generators/haml


     git submodule add git:// lib/generators/haml
  7. Create stuff with:

     rails generate controller ControllerName index
     rails generate mailer ExamplesNotifications
     rails generate scaffold FancyModel

    ... or if you like to mix it up with ERB, ignore step 5 and use ...

     rails generate haml:controller ControllerName index
     rails generate haml:mailer ExamplesNotifications
     rails generate haml:scaffold FancyModel


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