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RubyOSA 0.4.0
- Added the possibility to retrieve from an object specifier list object the
values of a given attribute, via the 'every' method ;
- Examples: iTunes/tag_genre_lastfm.rb (new revision that queries only
once per artist), iTunes/name_that_tune.rb, Photoshop/new_doc.rb,
Photoshop/new_doc_with_text.rb ;
- The rdoc-osa tool now supports scripting additions (via the '--addition'
argument) ;
- Added conversion support for color types ;
- Allow multiple enum values to be passed into the same argument (packing them
in an array) ;
- Merge an 'activate' method into application objects.
- Fixed the rdoc-osa tool for applications that do not have a name command ;
- Fixed 'msng' type conversions ;
- Do not fail if a description attribute has an empty value ;
- Do not fail if a class inherits from a class that hasn't been defined yet ;
- When converting an Hash object to OSA, property convert Array values ;
- Convert type-less Float objects to OSA ;
- Added the :size attribute as a shortcut to :point_size ;
- Fixed the rdoc-osa tool to work when RubyGems isn't available in the machine ;
- Make sure to include a 'subj' attribute to apple events without direct
RubyOSA 0.3.0
- Can control applications running on remote machines ;
- Now possible to pass optional arguments using key/value Hash pairs (the old
way is still possible) ;
- added support for merging scripting additions definitions to the current
application ;
- Better unified API ;
- Added new samples: AddressBook/inspect, iTunes/tag_genre_lastfm,
Mail/get_selected_mail ;
- Translating property codes to human-readable symbols ;
- More human-readable errors ;
- Added support for before/after location reference types ;
- Faster (no more costly evaluation calls).
- Fixed handling of application-level errors ;
- Unescape the converted 'alis' paths ;
- Now building 64-bit ;
- Make sure '$' and '=' are escaped when generating Ruby symbols ;
- Added a functional test suite ;
- Fixed the OSA -> Ruby 'TIFF' conversion ;
- Fixed the Ruby -> OSA 'list_of_*' conversion ;
- Make sure we send events with the user-can-interact flag set on ;
- Better RDoc generation (removed the Files frame, references to the generated
dummy Ruby file and source code, changed the default HTML title) ;
- Better inspect methods for OSA::Element and OSA::ObjectSpecifierList ;
- Same conversion behavior for 'type' than 'type class' ;
- Smarter #get method, if the resolved object doesn't inherit from the desired
class, and if it has a property method with a class key/value, return a new
descriptor of the desired class ;
- Honors the 'id' attribute of the sdef format ;
- Be smarter when converting types from Ruby to OSA, making sure primitive
types are always converted ;
- Fixed a memory leak ;
- Added a new global setting to control either a return value should be
expected or not from the following Apple events. Variable is OSA.wait_reply,
default value is nil which means "automatic behavior".
RubyOSA 0.2.0
- Added support for some picture types ;
- Possible to use UTF-8 strings (if OSA.utf8_strings is set to true) ;
- Added new samples: Finder_show_desktop, BBEdit_unix_script, iTunes_artwork
and iChat_images ;
- Translate file paths, Hashes, floating types and missing types.
- Handle application errors and convert them as Ruby exceptions ;
- Added 'class' to the list of reserved Ruby keywords to prefix when generating
method parameters ;
- Suffix method names that are already registered with an integer value
instead of prefixing with 'osa_' as there might be more than 2 duplicates ;
- Register the ID property if not already defined ;
- Fixed conversion handlers to not use 'self' ;
- Make sure to swap the data of 'type' coerced descriptors ;
- Convert four char codes to the Mac Roman encoding before using them,
as otherwise they could be considered as more-than-4-bytes strings ;
- Remove invalid characters when generating constants ;
- Changed the "require 'rubygems'..." expressions to make them compatible with
Ruby 1.8.2 ;
- Try to require 'rubygems' in samples, as RubyOSA may have been
installed as a gem ;
- Fixed generated code for methods taking an enumeration-like parameter ;
- Convert the 'doub' OSA type as a Ruby double.
RubyOSA 0.1.0
This is the first public release.