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After installing the sequel_polymorphic gem, I could not figure out how to run the plugin under sequel 3.5.0. After trying out Sequel::Model.plugin() to load the plugin, I figured out that the 'is' method is from sequel 2.0.

Does the plugin only work with Sequel 2.0, or if not, what is the syntax for loading the plugin in more recent versions?

Also, showing the necessary require's and setup for your example code in the readme would have been really helpful. I had no idea how to load the plugin from your documentation.



jackdempsey commented Nov 12, 2009

Hey Sam,

Yep, I haven't worked on that plugin in a while, and I would expect it only runs under Sequel 2.0. I appreciate the feedback, but don't have a lot of time these days to update some of those older projects. If you'd like to send me a pull request or patch with what you did, I'd be happy to bring it in.


Thanks for the fast reply.
It turns out that the 'is' method was deprecated in favor of 'plugin' and that I needed to separately require 'sequel/extensions/inflector' in sequel 3.0 and beyond. I would have known that if I weren't such a newbie to sequel as there were plenty of helpful deprecation warnings in sequel 2.12.
Thanks again for your time.


jackdempsey commented Nov 12, 2009

NP Sam. If I can remember, I'll add a lock on the gem to at least require < 3.0 for now to help others in the future.

This issue was closed.

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