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wire is an application bootstrap, configuration, and assembly tool based on the principles of Inversion of Control, and Dependency Injection.

With wire, you create a wiring spec in plain JSON (or Javascript) that describes how your components should be wired together, and wire will load, configure, and wire together those components to create your application.

wire <3 AMD

While wire is not a Javascript AMD loader, like RequireJS, curl or backdraft's bdload, it does use an AMD-compliant loader to do its job of assembling modules and objects into a running application.

wire is intended to play well with any AMD loader that you might already be using. It can work with modules that have been fully built and optimized into a single file, into multiple layers (a la the RequireJS build tool), or totally unoptimized modules (e.g. during development).

In fact, wire plugins are themselves AMD modules, and can be loaded dynamically during development or included in your optimized build for deployment.

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