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Turns a list-serve into a calendar of events
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Daily Dancer is a Sinatra app that accepts emails via HTTP POST from a provider such as, stores them in an sqlite database, decides which emails represent events, and displays those events on a calendar.

Daily Dancer also uses nokogiri to pull recurring events from a website and incorporates them with slightly different styling into the calendar.

Live on the Web

The original site is in use at


apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev

Running the Tests

bundle exec rspec

Manually Firing Emails via HTTP

You can use bin/http_agent.rb to fire emails at your server using the expected format.

Pry Console

This script will load models for you and give you a pry console

$ ./


You will need to migrate the development and production databases manually. (The test database calls migrations from spec/spec_helper automatically)

To run a specific migration against a particular environment:

RACK_ENV=<environment> bundle exec pry
[1] pry(main)> require './helper'
[1] pry(main)> require './db/migrations/<name_of_migration>'

Running the server in Development Mode

bundle exec rerun 'rackup -o' --background --pattern '*.rb'

Note the -o is only necessary if you are running inside a VM

Running the server in Production Mode

First, install this patched version of nginx, which leaves weak etags intact:

Add a symlink in nginx' sites-enabled directory that points to config/dancer-nginx.conf

cd /path/to/sites-enabled
sudo ln -s /home/<user>/dancer/config/dancer-nginx.conf
sudo nginx -s reload

Install redis-server

sudo apt-get install redis-server

Copy config/smtp.yml-EXAMPLE to config/smtp.yml and put in appropriate values for user_name and password

Then migrate a database with rack env set to production (see above)

Test that is starts

RACK_ENV=production bundle exec rackup

Test that you can send mail by setting a breakpoint right before the mail is sent, and send the mail. You may need to visit to convince google that your app is legit and owned by you.

Then shut if off and start it with this long-running script that will restart it if it stops for any reason:

nohup script/ &


  • ssh into the production server
  • cd to the dancer/ directory
  • fetch new content from github
  • ps aux | grep dancer to find the current sinatra (thin) process
  • kill <pid> to kill that process. The long-running script will start another in two seconds

Viewing Logs

Check log/event_load.log to make sure recurring events are being pulled correctly.

Setting up your mailing list

Sign up for an account at Get a cloudmailin email address. Make sure your production server is up and running. Subscribe your cloudmailin email address to your mailing list, then go into the sqlite database using the "Inspect" instructions above to retrieve the verification link so you can prove to your list serve that it's really your address. Then it's ready to go.

Viewing All Messages in Reverse Chronological Order

This view, while not intended for public consumption, lets you sanity check that messages with dates in them show up on the correct day


Viewing Duplicates

This view shows duplicates in a different color so you can see what is being filtered out


Manually Hiding Messages

Message.find(id: <id>).hide('<reason>')

Bulk Hiding Messages to prevent wrap-around from previous year

Choose a date about three months ago.

UPDATE messages set hidden = 1, hide_reason = 'Hiding all received before March 1, 2016' WHERE received_at < '2016-03-01' AND hidden = 0;


Thank you to Nicholas for initial inspiration, and for all the times we've hashed over what's actually important. Thank you to Jennifer for noticing all the things it does and doesn't do.



  • Confirmed Util.current-date-in-portland works correctly before and after midnight
  • Hyperlinks are clickable
  • robots.txt opts out of search engines
  • /admin/messages allows a view into which messages are being picked up
  • Add negative lookahead expression that knows "march 2010" is not an event.
  • Correctly identify date when for Re: and Fw: in conjunction with 'on Friday, Nov 6 at 12:29pm so and so wrote ...'
  • Animations when clicking on subject
  • Text still selectable without activating animation
  • FAQ page with link to it
  • Responsive design using lightweight tools
  • Recognize "This Friday" in subject as an event
  • Use subject, author, and plain to determine duplicates, and only show latest if duplicate
  • Manual hiding of messages using the :hidden database colum
  • Pulling recurring events from
  • Displaying author's name
  • Now using a CDN to host jQuery for faster download times and re-use
  • Link for "More Events" that shows three additional weeks
  • Now using
  • All user-agents see Events; Only browsers see Messages. This means we can be indexed by Google
  • collect unique IP addresses via (redis?) by date
  • Health check endpoint with checking
  • Allow google to index either the faq page or the main page (without events)
  • Supply an etag for '/' and '/?xhr=true' so users can refresh without downloading code
  • Mark as "not an event" things like "as soon as March 15th" and variations


  • Allow site to function even if redis-server is down
  • Beautiful rendering of email content (possibly using html and parsing out custom styles)


  • Better posting guidelines: Nicholas suggests "put the date at the top". Jack suggests: "Spell out the date, and put it near the top"
  • If two dates in body, choose the first one AFTER received-at
  • Advertise it among friends
  • Advertise on faisbook list
  • Improve FAQ to include what it includes / doesn't include
  • Improve FAQ to include "What is this again?"
  • Spot-on styling and positioning on Android and iPhone (especially nav tabs)
  • negative lookbehind for "until " and "before "


  • Blacklist the AstrologyNow Forecast
  • Ask HEBA to design the FAQ page for me
  • Redirect from www to naked domain (sinatra does not see the www)
  • Return the id when creating a message so cloudin can see it
  • Cache assets so they do not need requesting again
  • Test in IE8
  • Make response times faster (0.25 seconds with 120 entries)
  • Add to readme how to set up cloudmailin


  • Add a url parameter for displaying N number of days
  • Scroll to top whenever page is reloaded
  • Inline scripts and stylesheets in production mode so only one network hit
  • Make a /jack page that tells about the author, and link to it instead of giving a mailto
  • Make sure received-at is converted to the correct day (Pacific time) when used to parse relative dates in subjects
  • Build an interactive thing that displays a message and asks if the correct date has been found, then saves the "confirmed_date" so it is easy to test whether they are all correctly identified.
  • Load Testing
  • Using the artwork from one of the fiverr artists (in /doc/artwork)


  • Set up automatic database archiving
  • Print out slips of cardstock that have daily dancer address
  • Talk with Abigail about ways to get more mindshare around DailyDancer
  • Only load messages that arrived within the last 30 days. (And use an index on received at)
  • Make it faster (loading in 0.6 seconds). index on hidden? store parsed date? Memcached?
  • Search in subject + plain for date
  • Make sure digital ocean is set for automatic backups
  • Fix bug where when in UTC time it is a new month, but in Portland it is still the old month, and daily dancer assigns events to Next Year when it should assign them to this year
  • Get double line breaks from plain to display correctly. Use dailydancer promo as an example.
  • Add to FAQ: How do I post an event on DAily Dancer? "Post to sacredcircle listserve, and spell out the month when you list the event's date, like this: "There's a great party at my house on March 15th"
  • Canonical site---redirect anything that uses a subdomain to
  • 2" x 3.5" cards artfully designed (or not) with on it (and my name as creator/webmaster)
  • Disable button which fetching AJAX (at least for two seconds)
  • Find out how to get author email address
  • remove event-id column from Message since we don't link to it
  • nginx caching of dancer.js and style.css and reset.css
  • Get email addresses to show up in "from" above body. (now we have name)
  • Get better formatting of "from" when it's one of those weird ones
  • CTRL-z
  • Offer a way to send people "perma"links to events
  • Ensure the gzip is operating for all mime types via nginx
  • Make sure that for those who have caching disabled (like curl) that the cached response is still given
  • Note ids 409 - 449 inclusive were manually added using script
  • Get author " (=?UTF-8?Q?Susan-P?=)" to show up correctly in
  • Find out why Message 630 did not send the first time. (Sent manually later)
  • Include ? calendar events?
  • Nicholas suggests: Yea I would use ... the "point click finger" to - indicate opening the event bubbles indicate clickable hyperlinks (I might remove the bold shift that occurs when hovering over hyperlinks) the curser when hovering over text the arrow the rest of the time
  • Make sure cache is flushed when new code is pushed. (Etag remains the to make sure new html is downloaded?) This will also ensure that if something is broken it displays as broken immediately One way to do this would be to cat .git/refs/heads/master Or add a counter every time the server is restarted

Notes from my Sweetheart:

  • ctrl-z to hide additional messages
  • Can it bring in things from the faisbook list too?
  • Can we put the first four lines of the body?
  • Location, time? Are those hard?
  • I notice that a four-day event only shows up on the first day of that event...
  • What about really juicy events that are announced six weeks ahead and that will fill up fast? Do I want that to show up in DD?
  • When show-more button opens, can it go ALL THE WAY into the future.

Regarding FaisbookEvent:

  • Make sure to click "see more events" until we get to the point where we are seeing event ids that are already saved
  • Add a method to update all FaisbookEvents where date > yesterday
  • Make sure empty dates still work from Util
  • Teach long names to obey margins in the body
  • 70 seconds to scrape 100 pages
  • 7 days go by in ten pages === one page captures almost a single day
  • Put background job code in its own file (feels dirty having it in event.rb)
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