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Setting up your own TaskServer takes some effort. By running freecinc on the same server as your TaskServer, you allow others access to sync with your TaskServer. Like sharing is caring. Like free beer. Like love and a handshake.

Live on the Web

The original FreeCinc is live on the web at FreeCinc.com

Setting up TaskServer

Ubuntu now has taskd in its apt repositories!!!

sudo apt install taskd

This at least gets you past the building hurdle.

Check out man taskd, man taskdrc, and man taskdctl

Also see the TaskServer Docs and get help in the taskwarrior channel on FreeNode.

And hopefully you won't need the TaskServer source code

Once you have your TaskServer syncing with a client, set these variables in config/location.yml:

install_dir:  wherever
pki_dir:      wherever/pki
salt:         whatever

Running taskd Indefinitely

The apt-get version of taskd comes with an startup script, accessible by service start taskd, but it's not working for me. So I'm still invoking taskd server explicitly via the script in script/run_taskd_indefinitely.sh

Starting the web server

Then start the web server (ideally in development mode the first time so you can see any error messages)

Development Mode


bundle exec rackup config-freecinc.ru

With port specified:

bundle exec rackup config-freecinc.ru -p 9952

With binding to for use in a VM:

bundle exec rackup config-freecinc.ru -o

With auto-reloading:

bundle exec rerun 'rackup config-freecinc.ru -o' --background --pattern '*.rb'

Production Mode

It is recommended that you start freecinc using the wrapper script. That way, if it dies, it is immediately replaced with another

nohup bin/run_freecinc_indefinitely.sh &

Starting Guard-LiveReload

bundle exec guard -g views

Starting Sass

cd /path/to/freecinc && bundle exec sass --watch /path/to/freecinc/public/sass:/path/to/freecinc/public'

Starting taskd on the Server

It is recommended that you start taskd using the wrapper script. That way, if it dies, it is immediately replaced with another

cd freecinc && nohup bin/run_taskd_indefinitely.sh &

Running tests

bundle exec rspec

GoLang Script to see if sync is still working

The script in tools/restart_unless_sync.go is a remote monitoring service for taskd. If you make changes to restart_unless_sync.go, build it:

go build restart_unless_sync.go

Then commit the changes (and the changes to the executable, which is named 'restart_unless_sync') and push them to a remote monitoring server. Put this in your crontab on the remote monitoring server

* * * * * /home/ubuntu/freecinc/tools/bin/restart_unless_sync >> $LOG 2>> $LOG

In order for it to work, you must first set up taskwarrior on the server where you will run this script

Script that kills taskd if the memory usage is too high

It is recommended to run this script once a minute from your production server if you are experiencing occasional memory bloats with taskd:


It is built as a bash script so that it can start up without inducing extra memory penalty (in case the memory is already running out)


MIT License. See LICENSE in this repo.


  • Pull details from tools/restart-unless-sync.go out into a config file.


Q: What is the difference between task sync and task sync init? A: pbeckingham says "init" would be better named as "upload_everything_once_so_the_server_has_history_for_deltas" which means that when you generate new keys, you should run task sync init on one client, and if you have additional clients you only need to run task sync on them.