A reddit image scraper to mysql.
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A reddit image scraper to mysql.

A app I created for my web game, so you think you know reddit. This app will scrape the given subreddits for subbreddit, title, image_url, post_url. Although these can be easily edit to collect which ever information is needed.

###How to use.

  1. Create a Mysql database,
  2. Add the required config for the database at the top.
  3. Choose your subbreddits!
  4. Firstly run the tableCreate() function.
  5. Run the main program!

###How to edit to select more / less information.

  • Line 21 - Add more columns for the information
  • line 40/41/43 - Add the new columns and increase / decrease the %s for each item.
  • Line 64/65/66 - Here you can choose which information you wish to collect, it needs to match up with the new columns,
  • Line 76 - Make sure you pass the new variables which contain the data.

###How to increase the amount of images collected from each subreddit. Or change sample size?

These options can be set just under neath the config.

###How do I select images from more unique subreddit data?

You can read on how to get the correct JSON url here.


###Can I take / use this for whoever/whatever?

Yes! It's opensource do as you wish!