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Aws exam Site

Hey this is just a quick site which aims to provide the following:

  • Display multiple AWS questions from Jon Boso's tutorial dojo exams
  • Responsive Application Desktop / Mobile
  • Work Offline
  • Display total scores
  • Display correct / wrong answers / explanations

To get started you will need to purchase the (excellent) exams from

From there you will need to extract the questions data from Udemy which you can do by following the next steps.

  • Start one of the 5 exams
  • Immediately finish the exam
  • Click on review questions
  • Open the network tab in 'inspect element' and click on 'xhr'
  • Find the API request with the questions in (See Image One). You can also try filtering on '/assessments/' to help narrow the list
  • Right click the request and copy the response (See Image Two)
  • Use an editor to select only the results array
  • Paste the results into the 'Import' area at the bottom of the app (Press options to open it)
  • Reload the page!


You're welcome to use if you do not wish to host it yourself. The site is an exact clone of this repository so as you can see no backend activity is taking place so your questions are safe.

Image One

Image Two

Image Three


You have a number of options to deploy the site! Due to it being a fully frontend application I suggest building it and throwing it into a S3 website bucket.

You can build the site with the following command:

npm run build

and the output will be in the build folder.

My current setup is push to code deploy -> Build site -> Sync to s3 website bucket


    Can I use this with other exams such as Whizzlabs?
Sure! You'll just need to extract and parse the Whizzlabs HTML instead as they don't provide a nice API to consume. This is quite easy however as I've done it myself in the past.
    Can you provide me with the data to use?
No. To protect Jon Bonso's work please purchase the exam's yourself and then import them into the tool. They're really worth it!
    Where can I ask questions?
In the issues tab / reddit if you'd like.

The following is information from the original boilerplate to assist further development.

Created by Max Stoiber and maintained with ❤️ by an amazing team of developers.


This fork is the typescript implementation of this awesome boilerplate with strict:true flag.

Boilerplate version: 4.0.0

Based on the works of react-typescript-guide and typescript fork (which was for previous versions)

Project built with this, as an advanced example and guide: Web Application

For details: Check Typescript docs

How to deploy to s3 automatically: S3 deployment script


Quick scaffolding
Create components, containers, routes, selectors and sagas - and their tests - right from the CLI!
Instant feedback
Enjoy the best DX (Developer eXperience) and code your app at the speed of thought! Your saved changes to the CSS and JS are reflected instantaneously without refreshing the page. Preserve application state even when you update something in the underlying code!
Predictable state management
Unidirectional data flow allows for change logging and time travel debugging.
Next generation JavaScript
Use template strings, object destructuring, arrow functions, JSX syntax and more.
Next generation CSS
Write composable CSS that's co-located with your components for complete modularity. Unique generated class names keep the specificity low while eliminating style clashes. Ship only the styles that are on the page for the best performance.
Industry-standard routing
It's natural to want to add pages (e.g. `/about`) to your application, and routing makes this possible.
Industry-standard i18n internationalization support
Scalable apps need to support multiple languages, easily add and support multiple languages with `react-intl`.
The next frontier in performant web apps: availability without a network connection from the instant your users load the app.
Static code analysis
Focus on writing new features without worrying about formatting or code quality. With the right editor setup, your code will automatically be formatted and linted as you work.
We support SEO (document head tags management) for search engines that support indexing of JavaScript content. (eg. Google)

But wait... there's more!

  • The best test setup: Automatically guarantee code quality and non-breaking changes. (Seen a react app with 100% test coverage before?)
  • Native web app: Your app's new home? The home screen of your users' phones.
  • The fastest fonts: Say goodbye to vacant text.
  • Stay fast: Profile your app's performance from the comfort of your command line!
  • Catch problems: AppVeyor and TravisCI setups included by default, so your tests get run automatically on Windows and Unix.

There’s also a fantastic video on how to structure your React.js apps with scalability in mind. It provides rationale for the majority of boilerplate's design decisions.

Keywords: React.js, Redux, Hot Reloading, ESNext, Babel, react-router, Offline First, ServiceWorker, styled-components, redux-saga, FontFaceObserver

Quick start

  1. Make sure that you have Node.js v8.15.1 and npm v5 or above installed.
  2. Clone this repo using git clone --depth=1 <YOUR_PROJECT_NAME>
  3. Move to the appropriate directory: cd <YOUR_PROJECT_NAME>.
  4. Run npm run setup in order to install dependencies and clean the git repo.
    At this point you can run npm start to see the example app at http://localhost:3000.
  5. Run npm run clean to delete the example app.

Now you're ready to rumble!

Please note that this boilerplate is production-ready and not meant for beginners! If you're just starting out with react or redux, please refer to instead. If you want a solid, battle-tested base to build your next product upon and have some experience with react, this is the perfect start for you.



Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Max Stoiber
Max Stoiber

💻 📖 🤔 👀 ⚠️
Julien Benchetrit
Julien Benchetrit

💻 💬 📖 👀 🚧
Sara Federico
Sara Federico

💻 👀 💬 📖 🚧
Justin Greenberg
Justin Greenberg

💻 👀
Jon Winn
Jon Winn

💻 👀
Johan Meester
Johan Meester

💻 ⚠️ 📖
Yaroslav Kiliba
Yaroslav Kiliba

Glen Ihrig
Glen Ihrig

Somasundaram Ayyappan
Somasundaram Ayyappan

Oliver Turner
Oliver Turner

Samuel Sharpe
Samuel Sharpe

Mihir Karandikar
Mihir Karandikar

Vaibhav Verma
Vaibhav Verma

Sébastien Dubois
Sébastien Dubois

Chainarong Tangsurakit
Chainarong Tangsurakit

Amila Welihinda
Amila Welihinda


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


This project would not be possible without the support of these amazing folks. Become a sponsor to get your company in front of thousands of engaged react developers and help us out!


This project is licensed under the MIT license, Copyright (c) 2019 Maximilian Stoiber. For more information see


Import Jon Bonso's exams into a more flexible viewer.



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