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The study aims to replicate and extend the findings of Farooqui and Manly (2015)
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Disentangling the roles of cue visibility and knowledge in learning cognitive control

A task-switching paradigm classifying a word as either capitalized/lowercase or a consononant/vowel. Before the word appears on each trial, a cue appears for 11 ms, presented either subliminally (with a mask) or supraliminally (without a mask) depending on the experiment. Two of these cues precede a single task, and the third precedes both tasks.


Preregistered Direct Replication, Stage 1 in principle acceptance at Psychological Science; registration available here.


  • The stimuli used in the experiment, two .png images and two .wav clips, are stored in the stimuli subfolder.
  • The task script for all four experiments in this study is a single python file, The script also includes the post-task for experiments 1 and 2. Entering the session number in the script's popup corresponds with the experiment number.


The task script was written in PsychoPy 1.90.3. See here for help installing PsychoPy.

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