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RmEDir is a small command line utility which allows you to recursively delete all empty subdirectories from the specified directory.

By default, the program also deletes empty directories with the Read-only, System and Hidden attributes (on Windows system), but you can disable it with the --keep-special-dirs switch.

The program has no built-in file deletion function, so you can be sure that no file will be deleted by accident.

RmEDir supports network directories and paths exceeding the MAX_PATH (260) character limit.



Binary (Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit):


Usage: rmedir [-r=X] [-d] [-k] [-h] [-V] [--home] Directory

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.
Options are case-sensitive. Options in square brackets are optional.
The last parameter must be the name of an existing directory.

Available options:

-r, --recurse=X
Recursively removes empty directories up to level X in the directory structure (default X=500).

-d, --remove-main-dir
It also removes the input directory given on the command line (if empty).

-k, --keep-special-dirs
By default, the program deletes empty directories with the Read-only, Hidden and System attributes set. If you want to keep such directories, use this option. Available only in the Windows version.

-h, --help
Show help.

-V, --version
Show application version.

Opens program homepage in the default browser.


To compile, you need:

How to build:

  1. Open src\rmedir.ctpr file with CodeTyphon or src\rmedir.lpi with Lazarus.
  2. Set build mode for your destination system.
    Select menu Project -> Project Options... A new window will appear. In the tree view (on the left), select Compiler Options. At the top of this window you can select the build mode from the dropdown list. Choose: Release Win32, Release Win64, Release Lin32 or Release Lin64.
  3. Build project (menu Run->Build).


2018.01.19 - Version 1.0