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import sys
import traceback
import argparse
import typing as typ
import time
import attr
import numpy as np
from gstreamer import GstContext, GstPipeline, GstApp, Gst, GstVideo
import gstreamer.utils as utils
# Converts list of plugins to gst-launch string
# ['plugin_1', 'plugin_2', 'plugin_3'] => plugin_1 ! plugin_2 ! plugin_3
DEFAULT_PIPELINE = utils.to_gst_string([
"videotestsrc num-buffers=100",
"capsfilter caps=video/x-raw,format=GRAY16_LE,width=640,height=480",
"appsink emit-signals=True"
ap = argparse.ArgumentParser()
ap.add_argument("-p", "--pipeline", required=False,
default=DEFAULT_PIPELINE, help="Gstreamer pipeline without gst-launch")
args = vars(ap.parse_args())
command = args["pipeline"]
def extract_buffer(sample: Gst.Sample) -> np.ndarray:
"""Extracts Gst.Buffer from Gst.Sample and converts to np.ndarray"""
buffer = sample.get_buffer() # Gst.Buffer
print("timestamp: ", Gst.TIME_ARGS(buffer.pts), "offset: ", buffer.offset)
caps_format = sample.get_caps().get_structure(0) # Gst.Structure
# GstVideo.VideoFormat
video_format = GstVideo.VideoFormat.from_string(
w, h = caps_format.get_value('width'), caps_format.get_value('height')
c = utils.get_num_channels(video_format)
buffer_size = buffer.get_size()
format_info = GstVideo.VideoFormat.get_info(video_format) # GstVideo.VideoFormatInfo
array = np.ndarray(shape=buffer_size // (format_info.bits // utils.BITS_PER_BYTE),
buffer=buffer.extract_dup(0, buffer_size),
if c > 0:
array = array.reshape(h, w, c).squeeze()
return np.squeeze(array) # remove single dimension if exists
def on_buffer(sink: GstApp.AppSink, data: typ.Any) -> Gst.FlowReturn:
"""Callback on 'new-sample' signal"""
# Emit 'pull-sample' signal
sample = sink.emit("pull-sample") # Gst.Sample
if isinstance(sample, Gst.Sample):
array = extract_buffer(sample)
"Received {type} with shape {shape} of type {dtype}".format(type=type(array),
return Gst.FlowReturn.OK
return Gst.FlowReturn.ERROR
with GstContext(): # create GstContext (hides MainLoop)
# create GstPipeline (hides Gst.parse_launch)
with GstPipeline(command) as pipeline:
appsink = pipeline.get_by_cls(GstApp.AppSink)[0] # get AppSink
# subscribe to <new-sample> signal
appsink.connect("new-sample", on_buffer, None)
while not pipeline.is_done: