An easy way to get back to the top of any webpage in Firefox.
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#The "Back to Top" Firefox Addon A lot of websites these days that I visit (blogs, forums, news, etc) have a lot of content going vertically down the page. Some have a "Back to Top" icon or button, but others don't. I suddenly realised that if I could put a little "Back to Top" icon in the corner of my Firefox, on the "Add-Ons Bar", I would have a button on every site.

So, I sat down, learned how to make Firefox addons, and here I am!

This plugin is open source, do whatever you like with it, but I ask that you link back here and don't try to pass it off completely as your own!

#To Install and Use Download the repository, and open the .xpi file in Firefox. It will install the plugin from there

#To Compile Clone the repo yourself and cd into the addon/ folder, and then run this command in Terminal (Mac & Linux users):

zip -r BackToTop.xpi *

Windows users can do it by:

Send To > Compressed (Zipped) Folder. Rename it to .xpi instead of .zip

To install it, see above step.

#Support I wrote this in FF5.0.1. It's a very basic plugin so I can't see how older versions would struggle. If you try it in anything other than 5.0.1 and it works or has issues, let me know so I can update this bit.

#Future Plans

  1. Make it so it actually scrolls up, not just jumps. (As an option)
  2. Get a nicer icon. I'm no designer, if anyone fancies making a 25x25px nice icon, please do and I'll credit you!

#Questions? Raise an issue here or tweet @Jack_Franklin

#ChangeLog ###v0.2:

  1. New, not quite so horrendous icon added.
  2. Added the .xpi to Github repo
  3. Updated project home page to be the Github Repo URL

###v0.1 - initial release

#Thanks & Credits Thanks to Robert Nyman, who's guide posted here: took me from knowing nothing about FF development to releasing a plugin in just a couple of hours.