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#@PPK - Mobile Web Workshop

###Misc Notes

  • Adobe shadow, testing on multiple phone devices, currently for iOS & Android

Right now we have plenty of ideas but no one knows how to mix those ideas with the current knowledge we have from the desktop web.

###JavaScript Touch Events


####Browser support: (in order of goodness)

Remember, webkit is a rendering engine, not a browser.

  • Safari on iPad / iPhone (best mobile browser right now)
  • BlackBerry Webkit on OS6+ (excellent browser). OS5 and below was horrible.
  • Samsung Dolfin on bada
  • Opera Mobile 12
  • Android Webkit on Android 2.3 & 3, if a website works on Android, it will probably work fine on everything else.
  • Firefox 10 on Android 3
  • UC 8 on Android 2.3 (most popular browser in China)

####Touch Events Supported by all above browsers

  • touchstart
  • touchmove
  • touchend


  • it's complicated to figure out whether the user has left ehe element
  • what we need is touchenter and touchleave events that fire when the touch enters or leaves an element

####event info

  • touches array: contans all current touches (up to a max of 11)
  • changedTouches array: contains all touches that caused an event to fire
  • targetTouches array: contains all touches on the target element
  • var currentTouch = event.touches[0]

(best documentation is the Apple docs)

Find out if a user is on a touchscreen, see if the ontouchstart fires, and if it does, get rid of the onmousedown event, so you don't execute both of them at the same time (waste). The reverse of this doesn't work.

The mouse and touch events are equivalent. But they are not the same.

Touch events give:

  • area of click
  • pressure (not there yet at all)
  • multitouch

####Tricky Bits

  • some devices fire two events simultaneously (Nokia E71, not touchscreen, fired mouse & keyboard events when navigating page).
  • multitouch can't be ported to mouse & keyboard events
  • on a touchscreen device the mouse events must also be supported, because too many websites depend on them. This leads to a cascade of events

####Event Cascade When user touches touchscreen, these events fire:

  • touchstart
  • mouseover
  • mousemove (one)
  • mousedown
  • mouseup
  • click

It's not as big a problem as you'd think as in general you only use one of these events.

mouseover fires when you touch an element, mouseout when you touch something else

No hover on touchscreen and no real way round it.

###Stick with Click

  • click events work everywhere - not a mouse event.
  • should have been called activate
  • works with touches, keyboard, mouse