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Adds placeholder functionality to input fields in browsers that don't support HTML5 Placeholders
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HTML5 Placeholder PolyFill

Firstly, I know this is nothing new and I'm sure a lot of other people have written this kind of script before, but I wrote this a while back and finally got round to chucking it on Github, much for my sake as well as anyone else's.

Please Note!

The non-jQuery version is still a bit of a WIP, needs to be refined a bit.


The file placeholder-fix.js comes with 2 versions of the code, a jQuery version and a pure JS version. Include the file and then delete the version you're not using. If you're using the non-jQuery version, you need to tell the function to run, probably on window.onload :

window.onload = function() {

If you're using the jQuery version, you just need to include the file. No extra coding is needed.

Current Issues

Things I will be fixing in the future

  1. Only works on inputs of type 'text', none of the new fields types added in HTML5 (email, tel, etc)

  2. Should be re-factored into a jQuery extension.

  3. Would also like to branch into a non-jQuery version too. - DONE


Create an issue here or tweet me @Jack_Franklin

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