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Search the MDN from within Sublime Text 2
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MDN what?

MDN = Mozilla Developer Network, one of the best developer resources that not enough people seem to use.

MDN Search from Sublime Text 2

This plugin will let you search MDN either by the word(s) selected or through the command palette and letting you input a search query. Once you enter the query, a browser page opens up with the MDN search results.

Huge thanks to Eric Martel for his SO Search plugin which served as a base for mine, so most of this code is his.

Installation - Now in Package Control!

If you're using Package Control (and you should), simply search for "MDN Search" and install it. Done.


Highlight text, right click & click "Search MDN". You can also go through the tools menu. Else, bring up the palette and type "MDN Search" to bring up the options.

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